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Mate Selection Lessons from 1 Samuel 16


Very encouraging…..

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I have heard it said that God does not really care who your spouse is.  You pick one and God just gives you a thumbs up whichever one you select.  It has worked for some, I don’t think it would work for me.  I am of the school of thought that God is so purposeful and specific that he knows the spouse who will work for me and if I allow him to intervene he will point out the specific one that is best for me.  Kind of in the same way he chose a King for Israel in 1 Samuel 16.

Let me start by saying that I do not trust my own ability to choose.  I am too human to look at the right things.  I would be too focused on his height, complexion, education, job etc…  I prefer to let God analyse a man because God see’s…

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Will You Go With This Man?

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I have always wondered how a woman agrees to follow a man she has only just met for the rest of her life.  What makes her say yes to his proposal?  Why would she be willing to go with him?  A godly woman does not follow the man because of his material wealth or his hot body (nothing wrong with having those, I might add).  A godly woman knows that the steps of the righteous are ordered of the Lord.  She therefore looks to Christ to lead her to the right man, the man ordained for her by the Lord.

Genesis 24 is the story of a God ordained marriage. In vs 14 AMP, when Eliezer is praying he says, “…let her be the one whom you have selected and appointed and indicated for your servant Isaac [to be a wife to him]“  Yours is there.  Ask God to show…

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Finders Keepers II – Devious Maids (Real Women)


This sermon has blessed me throughout this week….have a read and I pray it blesses you too,

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We’re going through a series called ‘Finders Keepers II’ learning from God’s word about how to find and keep the love that lasts a lifetime. We began with‘The Morning After’, where we learnt that relationships today are in big mess because as a result of our rebellion against God, women tend to manipulate while men tend to dominate. This is why we need God to save us not only spiritually but sexually as well. In ‘Tujuane’, we saw that in a society that often blurs the lines, God has created clear differences between men and women and learnt that ‘before you can enjoy your sexuality, you need to know your identity.’ And then last week in  ‘Real Husbands Of Nairobi’, we talked about men and sexuality and our main takeout was ‘against the devil, play offense, but against sexual temptation, play defence! 

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Fishing from the sewage

A couple of weeks ago, there was an uproar over a poster used by a local church to incentivize the youth to attend its services and learn from God on various aspects of their sexuality. This uproar got a group of friends of mine talking about how our society seems to have become numb to the lost. We seem not to have a heart for the lost, almost like the lost are the lost; we are the good ones so their loss does not affect us. One of the people in this discussion said something profound that has been in my head since, that if we are not surrounded by the lost, if we do not have around us people who we know desperately need the Lord, then we will also lose our heart for the lost.