Who wants to rock this boat?

Growing up I had this mantra that I lived by, that I would not be like my parents, that I would be very different from them. This mantra did not come up because they were these evil people, being young is just a naïve place where you come up with all sorts of mantras. Having said this, there still were aspects of my parents that I did not want to emulate. However, many years later, I am still astounded at how similar I am to my parents. I have come to the conclusion that genes are such a strong thing; we are very much like our parents in most cases. And the Word of God seems to affirm this.

Too many voices in the desert

This past week God convicted me to take some time off to unplug and seek to hear from Him. I felt like there were too many voices in my head that I was beginning to feel lost, that never fun sound of mosquitos was becoming a permanent feature – diiii diiii. You see we live in a noisy world. Left right and centre are voices that are competing for our attention. Information is freely dished out, and often it is the good kind of information, the kind that is meant for our good. If it is not in a book, it is in a tv show or in a sermon or in a workshop or in a blog such as this; many sources of voices and information. And just to emphasize often good sources. Yet in between all these it is very possible for the voice of God to be lost or replaced by the voice of others. (more…)

Choices have consequences

Choices have consequences. This has become such a common statement in my world following a statement that was made by US top diplomat as Kenya went into elections. This statement has come to mean different things to different people depending on the political divide you sympathize with. For those who are sympathizers of the current administration, they will often be heard ridiculing this statement. For those against the current administration, every time there is an event that is going wrong, this statement is thrust into the open as a reminder of how the administration is all wrong. (more…)

Winning – Tic Toc Syndrome


An amazing truth – He’s got the whole world in His Hands. So I am reminded not to stress. To learn to unplug. Because He has the whole world in His hands.

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How do you win in this fast paced world?


Let me tell you about a mythical city full of people who live strange lives. You won’t believe the kind of lives they live when I tell you! Most of them wake up in the morning not having had enough sleep. The first thing they do after turning off the alarm is to check their twitter and whatsapp feed to see what they missed out as they slept. They quickly shower, change into their clothes and take coffee to wake up while watching the morning news in case they missed something important. Meanwhile, their kids are picked up by a school bus at 5.30am to make it on time for school. They dash out of the house in a hurry because they want to beat the traffic jam before the rest of the city heads out to the road! If they’re…

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My rememberance stones….

I am in the process of transitioning into and out of several things. The thing I am learning about transitions is that they are a mixed bag of exciting and scary. Exciting because the world of what God can do is endless; scary because the world of unknown is wide open and often gives birth to a world of fear. So each day I have had a different feeling about the transition. However, increasingly, in the last few days fear has had a good grip at me, I have doubted myself, I have doubted God and in the process been a bag of panic far too often. (more…)