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I had one of those days last Saturday. I woke up to Ezekiel 16:49. True the Lord had a problem with the immorality in Sodom, but he starts by rebuking the state of their hearts. Paraphrased – ‘this is the sin of your sister Sodom, She was arrogant (prideful), overfed (full of bread) and unconcerned (an abundance of idleness was with her). She did not take care of the poor and needy’.

I then left the house and went to hang out with inmates at Nairobi West Prison. We had an easy session discussing the issues they face and possible solutions. They talked about societal stigma, delayed appeals, how they missed their families. How it breaks their hearts not to be able to take care of their wives and children. They talked about sodomy and homosexuality at the prisons. Drug abuse, depression and suicide, ulcers and High blood pressure. They…

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