Month: October 2012

Nairobi Half Life (or is it just Nairobi Life)

I have had a beautiful week, took some time off and rested. Good week and some rest means adds up to me struggling with a long list of things to write about! I guess that is what happens when we rest, new juices are filled, you see the world through new eyes. Everyday should be a resting day, then perhaps we would have lots to share about, well more of wishful thinking.

I finally got to see Nairobi Half Life! (more…)

Generation Y

Generation Y

I am a fruit of this generation we often like to call generation Y, well at least by definition. If you ask me, I would much rather be known as a generation X person or maybe a breed of the two, afterall generation Y seems to get a lot of beating from the society. But for purposes of this article, I have put my generation Y cap. I guess I have just accepted who I am. (more…)

Nchi ya kitu kikubwa

So in my mind this morning is this Eric Wainaina song ‘Ni nchi ya kitu kidogo’. It is such a plain honest song; sung years back yet still very true. We are a nation of ‘kitu kidogo’. The cost of not being a ‘kitu kidogo’ person is so high, almost like you are being penalized for not conforming to what most will do, pay ‘kitu kidogo’. (more…)