Month: November 2012

But most of all, it was a plea to the middle class to get involved, to get bothered. We have been ignored in this country’s politics coz we cared less. Time to change that


Mavuno Church has just concluded a leadership series titled ‘The Govenor’ and it has been phenomenally delivered by Pst Linda O Adolwa (@LindaAdolwa). For any Nairobian who is interested in voting wisely in the next coming general election, and MORE SO for the 1st elected governor of this city, this series is a must listen.

The first part in the 4 part series was titled The Leaders We Deserve and the main take out was that WE GET EXACTLY THE KIND OF LEADERSHIP WE TOLERATE! This was preached on 4th November 2012.

The second part in this series, delivered on the 11th November 2012, was titled Dangerous Leaders and we heard that WHAT DISTINGUISHES GOOD LEADERS IS NOT THEIR PERSONALITY, BUT THEIR CHARACTER. In other words, leaders are defined by the ongoing decisions that they make.

In the third part of this leadership series done on…

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Heal our Land

English: I took photo with Canon camera.

English: I took photo with Canon camera. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I dedicate this blog to the victims of the many terror attacks we have had in the recent past, to the police officers killed at a recent ambush in Samburu, to the victims of the Tana river massacre, to the victims of MRC attacks, to the unsung victims we never hear of, the ones killed in a security attack, to the ones who die of hunger, to the many other victims that I have looked away from; I dedicate this blog to you. (more…)

Signs and wonders junky

I love signs and wonders, maybe am even a signs and wonders junky! You could ask how now? Especially in this country where we even have incidences of people being paid to pretend to be recipients of signs of wonders. You would think I would become wary of signs and wonders having seen such things. But no! Stay with me, judge not, you might at the end also come to the conclusion I have. (more…)

Am I saying something…that is what is in my mind this week.


You’ll be forgiven for not knowing Hong Kong hip-hopper Jin. He gained noteriety for not only being the first Chinese rapper signed to a major U.S record label, but also for his “Learn Chinese” collabo with Wyclef Jean. Now I thought this (former) Ruff Ryders lyricist was a decent rapper, but I really sat up and took notice when he released a mixtape titled “Say Something” (free legal download HERE).

Say Somthing

It’s tough talking title-track made an indelible mark on me. Peep some of it’s chorus lyrics.

“Get on the mic and say something baby.
Say, say, say something baby.
Gotta get on the mic and say something baby”.

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