My vote has been cast

So it is election period and I finally know who I will vote for. Yes I am a Kenyan like that, politics trouble me! So I am excited that I finally know who I will vote for!

I have had so many inner battles (literally) on this. You see I have made leaps and bounds from a ‘I really don care’ who is elected as its none of my business to ‘feeling helpless’ that even if I cared my vote would not count for anything to a you ‘owe allegiance’ to ‘your people’ to a you need a ‘compromise leader’ who is not too good infact he has had his fair share of corrupt deals but you know what ‘better the devil I know’ to a ‘shame on me’ for giving up to finally ‘giving in’ and praying! And I aint exaggerating, i have actually gone through each of these phases!! So to be finally at peace over the person I will vote for is no mean achievement, it can only be called an answered prayer.

The prayer

I am always amazed at how many Christians there are in this nation. We are so many. You just need to walk into a church on Sunday, any church! The numbers will astound you.

But as one of the presenters of one of our ‘crude’ radio shows often says, if this country has as many Christians as we make-believe on Sunday, then how comes his show also has the highest listenership! The answer is the same one to the question I often ask myself, so if there are so many Christians in this nation, how is it we have the worst leaders ever, how is it we vote this guys in!

You see we are very good at compartmentalizing issues. Sunday Christian has nothing to do with who I vote for.

For this reason, the day I decided to pray for the person I will vote for was a very difficult day. What if God asks me to vote for someone from a tribe different from mine, or to vote in a person that I sincerely would much throw away my vote than vote for as they are more likely to lose! What if!

However, I knew I could not trust myself on this one. I would by all means mess it up. So I did as I often do with many other things, I surrendered it to God.

And I now have an answer!

My leader

My preferred leader, the man I will vote for is someone I do not know personally, that is important to state in this my country lest people think I have vested interest or that am art of his campaign team. Far from it, me has never even met this guy.

This someone from a tribe different from mine, again important to state lest I be told am just supporting him coz he is a ‘mtu wa nyumbani’!

Heck he probably has the lowest followers as yet (I say as yet as I still am believing if many more committed to pray, they will more likely than not get the same answer as I did). Again important to state as our minds seem to have been captured by the people who seem to have the numbers, we forget we give them the numbers.

You see many Kenyans have resigned to the fact that all our leaders are bad and so we often we chose what we believe is a lesser evil. I have some news for you, I actually think God has blessed us with a good man for a leader, one who does not fall in the ‘lesser evils’ class. Is he perfect, I suspect not, but he is a good leader!

By all means way better than the pack we currently have. So do not settle and use the excuse of there is no better leader, truth be told you are probably just excusing a bad habit, you just do not want to do the hard work of looking for a good leader, but most of all, you want to be on the winning side. A winning side that represents everything that is wrong with this country.

To be fair, there are people who the next leader is very personal. They were part of the post-election violence. They lost their families. They lost property. They watched their neighbors butcher their families. So to be fair to such a person, telling them to look away from their tribe is asking for the ‘impossible’. But what if you actually saw that this your tribesman is doing all these for selfish reasons. What if you realized that in the very long run your tribesman will be out and as a nation we will need to deal with the tribal issues and hatred? What if you took a chance at someone who is not a populist but who will help you find healing? What if, for the sake of future generations (coz you won’t live forever), you did the right thing, got a leader that can perhaps help us deal with the dirt under the carpet. What if.

Other leaders

You see our ‘winning’ leaders have convinced us of the way they will grow the economy, the way they will develop this nation. But these guys have been leading for the last ‘n’ years, ati they will be any different now! Stories!

But more importantly, I am not interested in a leader that will just develop this nation; yes I said that!

I am convinced that we do not need more superhighways or energy generating projects. Yes these have been good and are necessary in the long run. But of what use are all these in a divided nation. Of what use are all these if all they do is increase the gap between the haves and have-nots. I am not interested in any economic growth, not in the next leader. I want a UNIFIER. A man after RESTORATION. A man after HEALING.

We have thrown so many things under the carpets for too long and bought many new carpets to cover it up that frankly now the room is stinking!! I need someone with a broom, who is ready to sweep this room and not buy any more carpets. I need a man who has the courage to look, see and chose to change.

You see I am convinced that with a bulk of our ‘popular’ leaders we will have status quo. Afterall they have so much vested interests, why would they want to rock the boats that feed them. I bet that with these ‘popular’ leaders, by year 2-3 we will have several financial scandals (just look at their history and you will know just how right I am). In a few years we will have rotten parliamentarians who take their que from the president.

Oh well the man may be my tribesman but I bet by year 2 I will be back in social media wallowing in the high salary increases my choice leaders have!

I am tired

I am tired of complaining. I am tired of status quo. I am tired.

I need a new leader. One who can once and for all actually unite us.

You see our top leaders currently are tribal chiefs. They carry their whole villages and tribes and they think that is something to be proud of; that sadly is something to weep about! I do not care if the whole country supports you but any leader who ignites tribal feelings, who is able to marshal their tribes against others is as far as I am concerned a waste of my time, heck I might as well sleep on that voting day.

Please, please, get tired with status quo. Please let’s have something else to talk about next year not our corrupt leaders. Please chose a leader not because he is popular but because he represents something you believe in. Yester my pastor said something that really hit home, that WE GET THE LEADERS WE TOLERATE!

So I am voting a leader from a tribe that is so small we do not think of them. That means if he wins, there is no tribe that will own him. I am voting a man whose main agenda is unifying and restoring Kenyans.

I pray for you. I pray you are my next president. I pray God gives you favor. I pray you are the David of my day. I pray that when you are my president, you will know it was the LORD’S DOING, and then perhaps you can lead us to the new Kenya.

Oh how I want to believe!

PS: Mark Twain wrote: “A Christian’s first duty is to God. It then follows, as a matter of course, that it is his duty to carry his Christian code of morals to the polls and vote them… If Christians should vote their duty to God at the polls, they would carry every election, and do it with ease… it would bring about a moral revolution that would be incalculably beneficent. It would save the country.”



  1. I was reading hoping I would see the name of your preferred candidate…hehe (that was the political me) Glad you didn’t. I don’t wan’t t tolerate my leader, but thank God that he allowed me to make the right choice.

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