Signs and wonders junky

I love signs and wonders, maybe am even a signs and wonders junky! You could ask how now? Especially in this country where we even have incidences of people being paid to pretend to be recipients of signs of wonders. You would think I would become wary of signs and wonders having seen such things. But no! Stay with me, judge not, you might at the end also come to the conclusion I have.

Open doors, closed doors

This week I have been battling with the place for signs and wonders in my every day walk. You see I am one of those people who will easily read into a circumstance especially if it favors where I want to go and decide that must be a sign from God to go ahead!

It got me thinking about a sermon we had some time back on open doors and closed doors; how we use circumstances as signs of open doors or closed doors.

I remember when my pastor did this sermon my heart just blocked him and refused to accept that using circumstances as signs of a go ahead or stop sign could be dangerous. How now?

At just about the time this sermon was done, I had just resigned from where I was working at the time and almost immediately afterwards gotten invited to an interview with a ‘dream employer’.  I had decided that this was a sign from the Heavens that I should have resigned way earlier; this was my open door and this interview affirmed what I believed was a sign! Soon this ‘dream employer’ was telling me to apply for an even more senior position and I was drooling on the potential monies I would make. I was excited. God had opened a door. Needless to say when this job did not come through I was soooo disappointed! ‘So now God, how is it that you make me see this as an open door, you lead me on and then you drop me off just like that!’ I was so disappointed. Now you would think after such events my heart would then be open to this sermon that was telling me the way it is dangerous to depend on circumstances / open doors to make decisions. I just could not accept this.

The mistakes

So many weeks later God got me back to this sermon as I am currently very busy relying on open doors and closed doors as signs from God.

God is reminding me of the mistakes I have made as I have relied on open doors. Of relationships that I have been in just because I believed ‘fate’ and circumstances had got me into these relationships. How else could I explain the way we met or the way we clicked or the way it felt right. Open doors.

So I have finally had to come to face to face with this issue, begrudgingly I may add.

It would be so much easier if I relied on open doors and closed doors but the risk with this approach was just too on my face.

As I have thought of this, I have been reminded of an incident in the book of 1 Samuel 4. The Israelites were about to go to war with the Philistines; they were scared, afraid all those things we feel when we face our battles. So they decided to go for the ark and go with it to war. This gave them assurance that then they would win. They were in essence harnessing their perceived power of the Ark. But they lost so miserably! Reason, they had faith in their circumstances than their God. Their eyes were fixed on what had worked before. The circumstances, the arks of life become our gods. We even become so desperate for signs!

I don know about you but I find myself thinking like the Israelites many times. “When I did this that and the other, it worked so it should work this time.” As a result my eyes lose focus on the Giver and focus on the signs instead. Perhaps because it is easier. Perhaps because I would rather engage my mind and faith is the exact opposite.

I am learning,,,the hard way

But I am learning just how dangerous that is. I am learning there is no other short cut to prayer, to spending time with God, to seeking Him and praying that He speaks to me. I am learning I cannot rely on some rather random circumstances to decide what actions to take, I am learning there is no shortcut to prayers.

Yes God confirms signs and wonders, open and closed doors; but only in the place of prayer. So I am committed to rely on no open closed doors, they make me too lazy anyway.

I came across this comments that really summarizes what I am saying in fewer words. Some of us just don’t know how to summarize:

“Mat 16:4 “A wicked and adulterous generation looks for a miraculous sign.” Jesus gives us the underlying truth that it is spiritual “horneyness” that leads to spiritual adultery in those who hanker for a sign. To seek for signs is a clear sign of a spiritually adulterous heart.

Yet, take a look at: Mark 16:17 “And these signs will follow those who believe…”

See the distinction? When we look to the Lord and seek His kingdom and His righteousness, signs will surely follow, but it is not the signs that we seek. This has been my experience. I have never seen anyone seeking a sign that I did not see end up in dramatic spiritual ruin, myself included. Seek God, on the other hand, and the signs follow; for our God is supernatural and generous and loving.

My leader

Let me bring this home a bit. As a nation we are at an important time, we get to elect the fourth president of this our nation. It is in many ways a crossroads time. And it is easy for us to rely on open closed doors. Say that this leader has survived Hague or that this leader has walked with Kenya through its freedom battles or say this leader is from my tribe or that this leader is more eloquent, the list is endless. But I bet you all this seem to be wonderful things will amount to nothing if we do not pray.

We have no alternative but to elect our leader in prayers, no taking other shortcuts

Of late every other week we seem to have one incident after another, all heart breaking. From the massacre of Tana River to the recent police killings to many other things. All these incidences remind me this one thing, as a nation we cannot afford not to pray.

2 Chronicles 7:14 – if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

I had an aha moment with this verse today. That God is talking to His people. The people called by His name. Not the whole nation, but His people. I think that is astounding. He has given healing power to His people. He is not calling on those who are not called by His name to pray, repent, turn away from their wicked ways, seek Him, but His people.

I keep wondering if we are doing all these. Are praying, are we repenting, have we turned away from our wicked ways. This nation is banking on us.


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  1. I just love how you brought the point home, my part is to seek God’s healing for my country and His will for often I get disillusioned by looking up to men and their eloquence as a sign from God. These signs will follow those who believe..AMEN

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