Heal our Land

English: I took photo with Canon camera.

English: I took photo with Canon camera. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I dedicate this blog to the victims of the many terror attacks we have had in the recent past, to the police officers killed at a recent ambush in Samburu, to the victims of the Tana river massacre, to the victims of MRC attacks, to the unsung victims we never hear of, the ones killed in a security attack, to the ones who die of hunger, to the many other victims that I have looked away from; I dedicate this blog to you.

The tweeting gen

Recently I was challenged by someone how my generation we have made tweeting (and in my case blogging) our big thing in changing the world. That many times we think coz we have tweeted we have then played our part.

I felt very shame on me coz I really am that person.

N I vowed not to just blog, tweet etc but to get involved, to get my hands dirty, to actually care. You might say that sounds like just another string of many words, but I have a game plan.

For one I will be a registered voter very soon.

Two, I realized in my many talks, I actually have no idea how many people I will be voting for in this election. Yes I know there will be a governor somewhere, a senator and perhaps an MP but that’s where it ends. In my ignorance and not wanting to be bothered by the many political games and problems this nation has, I have chosen to not care, to be the ‘whatever man’ citizen.

That ends now otherwise I will forever be dedicating blogs to things that can be corrected. So I am on a civic education hunger mode and will be seeking to learn a lot, that is not words, there is a game plan. I also intend to engage all these people who keep saying they want my vote, especially for this thing that I have recently discovered is very big, called the governor. Dear governor, you will need to earn my vote. In short, what I am telling myself, what I am urging you is this, please be bothered, please be part of the change we need, we cannot be by standers anymore.

And in this I am speaking to the mass middle class that many of us are. You see for the longest time, some of our big time leaders have not had to bother with the likes of me, after all we are not bothered n really do not care who governs, shame on us! They have therefore resulted in paying off the lower class. Dear Sonko’s of this world, this time round you will have to reckon with me.

Heal our land

I guess this sound like an angry cry, and yes many times I am told that I should not be angry with the state of affairs but I really believe I need to be angry. And I am angry. Angry at status quo, angry at leaders that let a nation with a lot of potential deteriorate to a lawless nation, angry at leaders that perpetrate tribalism, we keep talking about super highways and railway stations which are good, but who will be there to enjoy these big things if we are a divided nation!

The past few weeks have also led me to just go back to God and ask is how. I have felt like the hand of God is really turning away from His people. I have felt like 2 Chronicles 7 is directed to this nation:

V13: “When I shut up the heavens so that there is no rain, or command locusts to devour the land or send a plague among my people…..” This is what I have felt, that really God has let the locusts to devour this my land, that He has allowed plagues to eat us up so that we are even turning against each other after having enough of terror attacks.

But as I have felt this, I have also continued with these verses and known there is hope:

V14: “…if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land. Now my eyes will be open and my ears attentive to the prayers offered in this place.”

And I have known we must pray. Someone broke down this verse very easily for us recently.

1. Salvation of the land lies in the hands of God’s people

2. Humble yourself – prayer is born on the helm of humility.

3. Pray and bring clear requests to God

4. Seek His face – asking God what He is upto. Seeking His will

5. Do what is right. Turn away from wicked ways

God will:

– hear from heaven

– forgive our sins

– heal the land. He will heal it physically, socially etc

Ask me, and I will give you the nations as your inheritance, the ends of the earth as your personal property. -Psalms 2:8

So this is my prayer

That the Lord rises a leader for this nation. I refuse to give up on this. I refuse to go with the wind, I am praying God rises a leader in this nation.

And for that reason, He brings down some of our leaders, who are so busy dividing this nation among themselves already like it is their personal shop. That He brings down the leaders who will just further divide this nation. That He scatters the plans of all the leaders whose Lord is witchcraft or other divinations.

To convict us all of all the wrongs we have done, that we may turn away from them. To heal our land.

For such a time as this

Get on your knees, pray, be bothered. I know it is tiring to be bothered, but we really must be bothered. If Kenya is your motherland, or friendland, pray with us.

I know many even in the diaspora world will get wary of the things you see and really just decide to care less, after all it may not bother you directly. But this is our motherland, we have none other so turning away from it is not an option.

Cry for your motherland.  Take five minutes to pray for this nation this week, just five minutes. Love this song “Heal our Land – Jamie Rivera”….we have oppressed the poor, the widows, forgive us and Heal our Land.


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