Month: January 2013

The road less travelled

One of the things I love about us Africans, and Kenyans especially I may add is the way we are communal. We are our brother’s keeper.



My resolutions….

I just realized I still have not talked about resolutions; that is illegal in this season, right? I have done several journeys as far as resolutions are concerned. At some point I was a determined fan of resolution making, then I realized I hardly ever keep them so I decided my resolution was not to have resolutions and this one I did keep. Then I later realized not having resolutions not to keep was limiting self, it was limiting my faith. This is where I am at now, I do the resolutions, albeit I do not keep many (ooo well let be honest and say most of them)! (more…)

A nation at crossroads….

Happy new year folks! I wish you all a lovely year – no perhaps that’s not true. I wish you all a restless year, the kind of restlessness that gets each of us to think of what our purpose in life is. But more so now, the Kenyan in you needs to be restless for this nation, for the leaders we have, for the upcoming elections, for the crossroads point we are in. Let me not get ahead of myself. (more…)

Especially because patience is not my thing….

Reading bout Peter, can’t help but feel that this man loved the Lord! So for him to betray him thrice the same night he vehemently says he will follow Christ wherever He goes, there must be some lesson for us who love the Lord. This blog sheds light to this – never run before God! You and I are made to follow Him. That must be the mantra of all we do, is He ahead or am I taking the lead!


 A very happy and prosperous 2013 to you all who follow my thoughts on leadership on this blog. I hope the year brings with it, divine opportunities so that your own leadership can grow and go to the next level. So much promise and so many exciting things to do.

And yet doors may seem open and you naturally want to go through them. Let me sound a warning here. Be careful not to rush as there may be lessons God wants to teach you and I on the virtue of patience. Let’s see this at play in one of God’s leaders in scripture.

In John 13:37 Peter said to Jesus, “Lord, why can I not follow You now? I will lay down my life for Your sake.” In the verses before this, Jesus and his disciples had been having a conversation and Peter’s take was that probably Jesus intended to…

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