My resolutions….

I just realized I still have not talked about resolutions; that is illegal in this season, right? I have done several journeys as far as resolutions are concerned. At some point I was a determined fan of resolution making, then I realized I hardly ever keep them so I decided my resolution was not to have resolutions and this one I did keep. Then I later realized not having resolutions not to keep was limiting self, it was limiting my faith. This is where I am at now, I do the resolutions, albeit I do not keep many (ooo well let be honest and say most of them)!

The other day I was thinking through the previous year’s resolutions, they looked so similar to this year’s. They may have changed names and worn make up so that the look different but at the heart of the resolutions is well a lot of similarity. But this did not sadden me, somehow in between not keeping the resolutions I set out to, the Lord deposited bigger and better resolutions that I would not have planned or even thought of. And He helped me keep them. I look back at the ended year, I see many valleys and mountains (most of which I could not have imagined at the start of the year), but through them all I see Jesus. He took me places I would not have planned to, gave me gifts I dint know I could get, satisfied my soul with the satisfaction I dint know I needed. Yes some of my resolutions are well carried forward this year but looking back, no regrets.

It makes me think through this man called Simeon. This guy had been told of the coming of the Messiah, it had been revealed to him by the Holy Spirit that he would not die before he had seen the Lord’s Christ. It had to have been hard, year after year waiting and believing in the coming of this Messiah. I wonder if at the start of each year he thought this must be the year, or at the start of others he thought this year I will not expect the promise to be fulfilled. I wonder if he struggled with this big promise. I wonder if some thought him nuts to still expect this promise to be fulfilled. I wonder if he thought he would miss the miracle, unable to recognize the Messiah. But as I wonder all these, something sticks out, the thing that helped Simeon hang on for so long; the Holy Spirit was on Him. This Promise had been birthed by the Holy Spirit Himself, it was not a function of a lot of human intelligence, wishful thinking etc; it was a function of the Holy Spirit. That made all the difference! That helped him hang on, that made the wait not his battle but the Holy Spirit’s. This same Holy Spirit led him to the temple when Christ was brought, his wait was over, the Promise had been fulfilled. Aha, no wonder he could wait! Finally, his purpose was fulfilled.

“Sovereign Lord, as you have promised, you may now dismiss your servant in peace. For my eyes have seen your salvation, which you have prepared in the sight of all nations: a light for revelation to the Gentiles, and the glory of your people Israel.”

As I have prayed over this year, and the big dreams and resolutions I have (carried forward or not) the one thing that the Lord has constantly told me is this, patience. The blog post below “why can’t I follow you now” perhaps was a confirmation of this.

I aint a patient person generally, I am generation pap itself. I want what I want when I want it. But in the process I have felt God telling me, chic, relax, yours is to follow me and I will lead you. Do not get ahead of yourself, you can’t hack. So that’s a common theme in my resolutions. It is hard, very hard. But I am banking on the same Person that held Simeon together for so many years as he waited for his promise to be fulfilled, the Holy Spirit.

As I make resolutions this year, my prayer is that they are brought together by the power of the Holy Spirit, only then will they stand the test of time.  I pray my resolutions are birthed by the Holy Spirit, only then will they pass, only then will one year to another not matter, only then will they  be bigger than my small resolutions. Only then will they involve a longing and desire to see the Messiah.

Help me to know your heart Lord; that is my desire for this year, to know the heart of the Father, that my dreams and plans may be aligned to Him.

What is your resolution, I pray it is birthed of the Lord. I pray it is not necessarily from a popularity contest, I pray it has something to do with electing good leaders for this nation. Yes I had to pen in that part to this resolution blog. Coz truth be told, this year, we as a nation are at a crossroad. The Lord wants to work with us but we have to be committed to doing the right thing, to the path the Lord leads (not self / popular voices), to like Simeon, be on the lines that do not add up to anyone else, but they are the lines the Lord has spoken to us about. Have a blessed 2013.



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