More than a feeling

This past week has been a roller coaster for me. It has been one thing after another and I have honestly felt drained. Everytime I thought the worst was over I would hit a new low and last evening I did just that. I would love to say I have managed to pick up my pieces and keep walking in faith but that would be a lie. This morning when my alarm for some quiet time went I was so tempted to just ignore it; after all I hardly had a rested night. It got me thinking just how much my feelings affect my faith. Perhaps inevitably in some ways yet….

One of the things I love to do is serving God in whichever ministries He places me. As I serve, God grows me and meets with me in ways that just astound me. I encounter God literally. It perhaps is in line with something that I read recently. That when you are unwell, if you seat in bed and wallow in your illness, you become even sicker than you were before. However, if you do get out of your bed, begin to interact with other, to serve them, you find a much faster healer, you realize just how blessed you are. However, many of us we want to be served and looked after by our pastors and churches that we miss the healing of being a co-worker with God.

So for me serving is central to my faith. However, these past few weeks I have felt a serious pull to just step away and rest. I am not against rest but the more I thought about why I was taking a break the more I knew I needed to be in the thickness of serving. I was taking my feelings too seriously. I was allowing my feelings to determine where I was including if I would serve.

And perhaps this same feelings were robbing away my quiet time, not to mention joy.

So I have determined to not give my feelings a lot more airtime than they already do. Do I feel down, yes. Am I tempted to seat back and wallow in misery, you betcha. Can I afford to, the answer is a big no. So I pick up my cross and keep walking.

Best part is I aint alone, even in the midst of all these, the one thing that remains is I have a Helper. I am reminded of a common forward on footsteps, of where a person was looking back and saw that all through their life, there were four footsteps, one set of footstep was His and the other was Jesus. But when life got really thick, there were only two. And this person asked God why did you disown me when I needed you most. God’s answer, the reason you only see two footsteps is I carried you through those storms; you did not walk through it, you were carried through it. So I am praying for the same thing, I need carrying!

Oh and I can’t help but comment on our political scene. Regardless of your feelings, strong or otherwise, convicted or not; in the midst of all that, there is a space for prayer like no other. Step away from the seemingly waves and ask God whom He would have you vote in. And do not be afraid to take a path that does not seem popular, so long as the leader you opt for is a man of Character!

Peace and humility are found in the trust and firm hope that even in middle of chaos and anxiety, when the Lord feels far away, He is still there, and nothing will separate you from His care. FAITH IS MORE THAN A FEELING!


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