Work in progress

I often feel I am a serious work in progress, you know those people who God is still molding and working on, that must the definition of who I am and perhaps many other Christians. It is the journeys that God takes us through as He prepares us for our purpose or the tasks He has set out for us. It is the journeys He takes us through to make us more like Jesus.

Reason I love this is even when I goof, which I do sooo many times, I feel the gentle arm of God lifting me up and saying wake up my daughter. You will do better next time, and He does it with such gentleness and such love that it melts my heart and just makes me fall in love all the more with Him.

Am astounded at how well God knows us. How much He prepares us for things we do not see and comprehend. How if a few years back you had told me I would be writing such a blog I would have called you a bluffer. Yet he has walked me through a journey, He still is, that I feel is preparing me for the things He has in stock for me, I love this road, my road less travelled.

What agitates me

Recently I was reading the story of Moses and I picked a few lessons that I just have to share. This story has two lessons that I take to heart

One is that my purpose is in the things that make me angry. Somehow for Moses it was seeing Israelites being mistreated by the Egyptians. I bet many other Israelites had seen this too many time but it did not bother them, or perhaps they had accepted this as their fate. However, for Moses, just seeing the Israelite being mistreated by an Egyptian really angered him to the extent he killed the Egyptian. Maybe his experiences had brought him to this place, remember he had been brought up by the Pharaoh’s daughter, that therefore means that he was probably guarded from the every other day horror stories and mistreatment that other Israelites had gotten accustomed to. For whatever reason, he was angry; he did not know it then but that was the first sign that this was his purpose in life

What does that mean for you and me? I am amazed at how God created us all so uniquely. And for each of us, in that creation, he placed in our hearts the things that really really bother us. And they are unique for each of us. For some it is injustices, for others it is in the provision of basic services, for others it is in education, for others it is in the desire to have a media that is sane – different for everyone. But as you take the road less travelled for yourself (see blog on more of road less traveled>>, the things that anger you become clearer, and as you follow that path, your purpose in life becomes clearer.

Not by power…

The second thing I see in this story is that even in that anger, by own strength there is no purpose that can ever be really fulfilled. So for Moses, much as he was angry, much as he would have loved to save the Israelites from this menace, he was not ready; he was still doing it in his own strength and he needed to get to the point where he depended on God alone.

You see in Moses killing the Egyptian, he was just playing god on his own. I mean how many Egyptians was he going to be able to kill on his own strength so as to set the Israelites free? Much as he wanted to save the Israelites, him killing the Egyptians was just not going to work.

Wilderness journey

And so Moses goes to his wilderness. He probably even gives up on this dream for the Israelites. He accepts this as one of those things he cannot change. He resigns to his normal probably mediocre life.

But God does not give up on him. He is still at work – He placed that anger and desire to rescue the Israelites in him. He would water it; he would feed it till Moses was ready to fulfill his purpose.

So as Moses is busy shepherding his father in law’s sheep, God is preparing him for the task ahead. This boy who grew up in the palace is now a shepherd! He is learning humility. He is learning to depend on God.

When he is ready God calls him back to his purpose, but at this point the pride and self-confidence that he can do all things in his mightiness is gone. In its place is a man who cannot help but ask who am I that you should give me such a task as saving the Israelites. Who am I? The cockiness is gone. And now God can use him. God will use him.

I love God’s response to Moses to the who am I question – He tells him you can rescue the Israelites coz I will be with you. Yes Moses struggles to imagine he can do this – but he is a teachable man now. He will depend on God. He knows this task is too big for anyone else but God. He was a work in progress.

I have been crucified with Christ…and I no longer live

God does the same thing with you and me. He takes us through experiences that just crucify self that He may live in our purposes.

He prepares us for the task He has ahead. He makes us dependent on Him, coz that is the only way to fulfill His plans, which really is what it is all about. Oh sometimes the preparation is not funny, sometimes it involves being moved from the palace to the wilderness, but He has a plan. You are His work in progress – in the Hands of the Ultimate Potter.

It probably is similar to the story of David; his shepherding years prepared him to be a King. Yes, as he did this most mundane task, he was being prepared for greater things ahead.

So what must I do, I must spend time with God. I must be in a place where I hear from Him. I must desire for nothing more than knowing Him. Coz its only as I do that He reveals my purpose to me.



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