For such a time as this

This must be a special week; I have two blog posts in a row – on similar subjects – well not exactly but almost! For such a time as this – convicted by the will of my Father to bless this nation.

This morning I was running a training on how we should all be the Island of Hope in our respective spaces as the elections approach and I felt God clearly saying that He is in control. This has been such a strong message for me over the last few weeks.

Perhaps because I was very emotionally invested in who the next president would be. I felt that if we got this wrong, as a nation we would pay for this over many generations to come. But God has been reminding me He will have mercy. He will not deal with us as we deserve.

No clear winner yet

As we approach the elections, I sincerely am torn apart on who to vote for, which is interesting for someone who was very convicted on the right person to vote for. But my confusion excites me.

The Lord will use the many of us who are yet to decide to determine the next leader. You don’t believe me, look at the poll results. There is no clear winner to this election yet. Despite our heavy convictions and determinations on who we think should be the next president, the dice has not been cast. Imagine that, the next president of this nation is still up in the air.

I sense the lord will use the many of us who are not tagged to the two horses to decide this coming election. I sense that this election may even be decided in the first round – God is tagging with the hearts of many like me.

He will decide

Following the recent presidential debate, it was interesting how many of us left that debate feeling confused – you know you thought you had decided on who you would vote for but at the end of the debate you were not too sure.

These words keep coming up when I pray for this nation. Dan 4:17 that the living may know that the Most High rules the kingdom of men and gives it to whom he will.

God will choose the leader of this country. He who knows the hearts of me, He who does not look at appearances, He who knows the plans all these leaders have better than I do; He will determine the next president of this nation.

Be vigilant…pray

What do you and me need to do? Now more than ever pray, you and me need to be the watchmen in the gates of this nation. These next few days will actually determine who the next president will be.

Pray that the Spirit of God convicts the many of us that are undecided. Those are the ones God will use to determine the next president. The beauty, the many who are undecided are keen to hear from God. That’s how I know that the next president will be elected by God. And as you pray for the next president, do not forget to lay claim over Nairobi. Coz when this great city prospers, you and I prosper. So whatever your grounds and convictions are, whatever your heart is tagging towards to, pray. Pray for a conviction in my heart as I vote, pray for a conviction in many other hearts – LET THE WILL OF THE FATHER BE ESTABLISHED. Over to You Daddy, as you please!


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