I have tasted..and I know..

I love this song ‘I’ve tasted of the lord and I know that Jesus you are good’. It is a testimony like no other. It is a personal testimony of what I believe God has called each of us to do, to taste then we will know for selves without a doubt that He is good.

Taste for yourself

The thing with tasting, no one can taste for you; you have to do it for self. Think of you being told how this pizza is excruciatingly nice or otherwise, unless you taste for self, you can never attest to that statement. You can say what others say, what you hear from others but it will still be hearsay. Up until you get this pizza and taste it for yourself. And as it goes through your mouth, you will have a personal opinion on the same.

I believe that is what God calls us to. I find it is easy to have a relationship with God based on what others say, based on experiences others share. However, when the rubber meets the road it is the personal experience that will stand. I find that the easiest way to build my faith to do what God has called me to even when I don’t get it, is through a personal ‘tasting’ that affirms beyond doubt in my head that He is good. So on those faith journeys or on those wilderness days, I can hang onto what I have tasted.

I find without this personal tasting, my wildernesses overwhelm me. They get me to a point where I easily doubt God. They get me to a place where even having the slightest faith is hard. You know those real wildernesses, those where you can hardly hear or see God; or those where you have sought God’s help for what feels like infinite; those that get the depths of your heart hurting; those wildernesses I realize I only get through them when I have tasted for self and known for self that God is good, then I know I may be in the wilderness but I can trust God to carry me through it.

Easter story – the disciples’ eyeview

This Easter I have seen the tasting journey of the disciples. How the disciples had faith in Christ, how for them Christ to die must have been such a low moment.

Imagine with me just how much faith the disciples had, they had been convicted that Christ was the King the Israelites had been told off, the one who would save them. In their mind they probably thought any time now He will take the Governor position of Judah; they probably thought anytime now He would avenge their offenders; they probably thought they finally were a saved nation. So with all these hopes to see Christ not only captured but also killed, this must have been heart breaking for the disciples. They must have thought they were doped all along, if they were in my world they would have thought ‘what were we thinking’ or ‘have we become this gullible’ or ‘how could we give up our careers to follow then He dies on us’. They must have been very disappointed

So it is no wonder that when Thomas was told by the other disciples that Christ had risen, he would not have it. He must have thought I am trying to move on, let it be, please don’t take me back to that mambo jumbo.

“Unless I see in his hands the print of the nails, and place my finger in the mark of the nails, and place my hand in his side, I will not believe.”

Unless I hold His hand

Before we judge Thomas faithlessness (which it is), let us remember peter’s low moment. How he denied Christ, three times! These guys were real people with real issues.

But through these issues, they tasted Christ for themselves.

That’s the reason I love that Thomas asked to feel Christ’s hands, not coz of the faithlessness but coz in the process His faith was built. He tasted His Lord as he needed to and he knew He was God, he knew he was good, he knew he was alive! Because of His hard question, I can believe without holding the hands of Jesus. Thomas can be used by God teach me how to.

Coz of these experiences, the disciples go ahead and spread the gospel to what it is today. They vehemently teach the word of God. They are convicted, there is no turning back. If they had believed in Christ before then now they knew Him without a doubt! They would easily teach all He had commanded them. They would follow where He led. Heck if He told them to jump they would jump and ask how high on the way up. They were ready to raise believers of the Lord. Most of these disciples to the point of being killed for the gospel they believed in.

Rock the boat

As Christians I feel sometimes we are afraid to rock the boats we are in. We are afraid to ask difficult questions almost like we think God will be threatened by our questions. We are afraid to ask to touch the hands of Jesus for self. In the process we do not really taste God for selves. In the process we have a lukewarm faith; we cannot be the disciples God has called us to.

Coz we really do not know Jesus for selves. Yes we have heard, yes we may even kinda believe but the foundation of all these is not a personal relationship. It is like that parable of those whose foundation is sandy so that when the winds come, we easily sway away coz we have not invested in this relationship.

I challenge you in this Easter season to truly connect with God. To truly seek to know Him. To truly taste the Lord. To truly engage with who He is. I love that He says that as we seek him with all our hearts we will find Him. I want to know You more Jesus. Let me know you better Lord.


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