A new captain to this ship

So last week we changed the captain of the ship I am traveling in.

This captain by the nature of his job will in many ways direct where I go, directly or indirectly. If he takes this ship through the nice waters, I will enjoy the ride. If he wrecks this ship I may wreck in it. This realization yester was very (what is the word) sobering.

But with soberness came a realization that there are things I need to reconcile with, that whether he was my choice or not is very irrelevant at this point. See blogpost darkness does not beat darkness. I have reconciled with these too, that God will not deal with us as we deserve, that by His mercies (and nothing else) we will be more than okay, that He wants what is best for this ship even more than I do.

This ship and this captain are very far from perfect. Infact, this captain takes over a very divided ship. He has a lot of work to do. We the ship he carries are largely divided into two:

Resigned to doomsday

One of the guys this captain has inherited is; the guys that did not vote for this captain, does not want him for the captain, has no faith in his skills and if he could he would jump ship or at least try to get him to jump ship. Many of these are very angry. Many have theories of how this captain illegally became captain; the thing called propaganda and rumors have fueled this so much that they cannot even fathom having this guy for their captain. So if they had their way, you bet this would not be their captain.

Others it is the injustice of having this guy for a captain that bothers them. They do not get how their preferred man is not the captain. They are convinced their corner of the ship will be ignored by this captain as he shares out the goodies he has. These ones I get. They have history to back up this theory. They also have a voting pattern that is heavily tribal that they do not get, it is the only reason that their preferred leader is not captain of this ship; inequality is the name of the game.

I see and I get all these guys in one way or another. However, what I don get and don agree with is the ones who have taken this a notch higher. They are sitting on the fence of this ship waiting for it to wreck so that they can say they were right all along, you see this guy was a bad captain. I get why this is a safe option. Innately human beings we crave to be right. Better to sit on the fence than engage.

However what this argument misses is this – if this ship wrecks it will not spare anyone just because you are seated on the peripheries of the ship. It will wreck you too. You will hardly have a chance to celebrate being right. That’s my problem with this lets sit and watch attitude.

We have a choice to make, to engage and play our part, to interact with this captain and heavily keep him on his toes – he is responsible for my ship anyway or wait to be right. I chose to engage, and I have a good example in the conceded leaders. If they could concede and will be engaging, what business do I have to sit on the peripheries, really.

The ones with the wrong definition of winning

Then there is a second kind of guy in this ship. This guy voted in this captain. This guy is excited to have their preferred ‘man’ as captain. This guy thinks he is more special than the rest of the guys in the ship just because he chose this

As a result, this guy will never be found asking this captain a question. This guy will defend the captain sometimes illogically. This guy so illogically has convinced themselves that it is their responsibility to defend this captain, even when he is on the edge of collapsing this ship. What is even funny is to imagine that this captain is so weak that he needs defending, worse by you or me. What this guy misses altogether is this; this captain whether he likes it or not is captain of this ship including me who did not elect him.

This guy forgets that when the fuel prices goes up they do not chose the members of the ship to whom this applies, this price increase does not tell him that he should not pay the lower price just because he voted in this captain. The fuel price does not care who voted in this captain.

So seating there and not keeping this captain accountable for how he drives this ship is irresponsible. Because again, if this ship wrecks it will not care if you chose these captain or not.

In short

We all need to engage. I use the word NEED intentionally. It is not a thing we have an option over. We need to keep this captain on his toes. He owes us that much. We owe ourselves that much. At this point we are just people in this ship. It does not matter whether we like this captain or not, we just need him to do his work – drive this ship to greater heights.

And I guess engaging differs for everybody, but I can tell you what it is not; it is not defending the captain at every small opportunity even when you know better; it is not pretending he is not the captain of your ship.

How I chose to engage

Listening to this captain being inaugurated last week, I was convinced this captain could take this ship to places – good places. I was convinced that this captain has good SMART plans for this country. I was convinced that this is what I need to do for him more than anything, he needs my prayers.

He needs my prayers to convert these very god intentions to actions. He needs my prayers to take a different path that will unite this nation. He needs my prayers for him to look out for the whole country and not just his community. He so needs my prayers.

So I am committed to pray for him. I am committed to pray that wisdom is his portion. I pray he will choose to do the right things, by God’s standards over the people around him. I pray his relationship with the deputy captain flourishes. I pray the Lord puts people around them that hear from Him. I pray that they unite this country. I pray they look further than their selfish ambitions and plans and chose Kenya over everything else.  I so pray for them. That’s my commitment that these are my captains and I chose to pray for them. 

One of the lines that really stood out for me was at the end of their swearing in ‘SO HELP ME GOD’. So help them God.  Because I am convinced of this, “Akisema atatubariki, hakuna atakaye zuia..kwani yeye ndiye Mungu mwenye baraka zote…”

“This is what the Lord says to his anointed; to Cyrus….I will go before you and will level the mountains…  I will give you hidden treasures, riches stored in secret places, so that you may know that I am the Lord, the God of Israel, who summons you by name. For the sake of Israel my chosen, I summon you by name and bestow on you a title of honor, though you do not acknowledge me….I will strengthen you, though you have not acknowledged me…”


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