Month: July 2013

A tete-a-tete with the insecure me

I am still fighting with myself over blogging this. Who blogs about how insecure they are? Its not a pretty subject, I would rather pretend I ain’t an insecure person but then again here i am! Last week I blogged about how your story reveals your purpose. So this is my story, an insecure Kenyan, hiding away from it does not make it any less of my story. So blogging here I come. (more…)


My head is still spinning

I spent last week in a conference that was just super awesome. I shouldn’t be surprised since I left thinking exactly the same thing last year when the same conference ended. But I am. But I also feel overloaded with information, sooner than later I may constipate if I don’t get through it. So this blog is my way of processing it. (more…)