Month: August 2013

Black N white conversations

We live in a world that has taught me to prefer black and white conversations. I have learnt the hard way that hints, greyed conversations just don’t work for me. I have learnt not to trust conversations that seem to be headed somewhere but don’t actually get there. (more…)


Should Christians drink alcohol?

If there ever was a most talked about topic in the Christian circles this would be it. Some time back I knew how to respond in the conversation. The proper things to say without ruffling anyone’s feathers and yet making sure the ‘younger’ ones in the faith are not confused on how to go. In one of those times, a close friend of mine told me how she has no problem with taking alcohol. I did not respond but later she explained that my face said it all. It went something like really – even you – really. Sadly I learnt I am poor at hiding my thoughts, the way I thought this was one of my many strengths! (more…)

Forever chasing after you

I like listening to marriage stories. I like to listen to what has worked for some, what hasn’t worked, I find it fascinating! I am currently even reading a book for married women, and no I aint married, but hey that’s what faith is, right? What does that verse say again, “faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” (more…)