Month: October 2013

OMG Bishop Jakes did not just say that

Last week Bishop TD Jakes apologized for remarks he made at his church which rubbed off some Kenyans the wrong way. He had previously been reported as saying “The natives all over Kenya drink water because of this ministry. And the hospital in Nairobi survives because of this ministry.” When the video of his comments surfaced, Kenyans on social media were up in arms with many demanding an apology from the Bishop. Many saw the comments as an exaggeration of the Bishop’s work in Kenya. We actually do have waters even without this ministry you know.


We reap what we sow

I have enjoyed this walk. It has been refreshing, a breath of fresh air, and music to my ears, just what my soul needed. I have truly loved hanging out with this book of Nehemiah. A blessing that has been on the mark in the season I am in.

Today this walk took me to Chapter 10 of this book. In this chapter the rebuilding of the walls has been completed. The Israelites have rediscovered the place prayer in their lives, they have rediscovered the place for the word of God and they are being transformed by it. This is the natural consequence to walls that are intact; we go back to the Heart of Worship. This is the sole reason I have desired for the Lord to help me rebuild my walls. When my walls are broken, my focus is away from the Lord, from the works He created me for. Yet as the walls are rebuilt, I go back to my first love, Him. And this is what has happened to the Israelites in chapter 10. (more…)

A day with emoticons

I love these things called emoticons. They make life so easy. Somehow they always have the right picture that represents my emotions; sometimes I think they know how to express my emotions better than I do. The things even have a sign for clapping, hi five, soon there will be no need for words, emoticons will rule. Oh how I wish! (more…)

The devil wears prada

Did you ever watch the movie ‘the devil wears Prada’? I loved it! I watched it a very many times and I suspect even now I would still watch it yet again. It was such a nice chic flick movies, yer I am a gal like that, any chic flick will be a movie after my own heart! As I read the book of Nehemiah today, I thought about that movie.  I tell you this movie was not too off, the devil does actually wear Prada; he can look hot! (more…)

I have taken up machetes

This month I am reading the book of Nehemiah. It is such a timely book as we meditate over the Westgate attacks. One of the things God has been convicting about has been over the porous walls of our nation and the porous walls of my personal life, this blog post talks more about this>>before we accept and move on (more…)

Before we accept and move on…

We forget too fast. I forget too fast. Much as the events of last week had a significant impact on many of us, we seem to be quickly moving on; ‘accept and move on’ is our mantra. I know a month from now we will have almost fully forgotten the pain we felt last week. I know that probably the heightened security checks will probably have gone back to being lax. I know we will all stroll back to the malls again. It is what makes us an interesting people. We are very resilient. That means that we forget some things, and that’s perhaps not too bad a thing right? (more…)