As desperate as Tamar

Who thinks about desperate moments at Christmas time? Is this not the time to be merry, to eat all the foods that will cause you to gain a few kilos, to sleep in, to watch movies till very late; in short everything that fun represents?

I think it is, but I find it is also the time that I tap into what the year has been for me, and I know many will be doing the same thing. This is the case especially if the year has not been all you had coined it to be; this was the year you thought you’d get married, but somewhere along the way you broke off the engagement for whatever reason; or this was the year that you thought your business would sky rocket, yet as the year comes to an end you cannot help but feel disappointed at just how far you are from that dream; or this is the year you completed school, you had great hopes and plans, you knew all the late night cramming would finally pay off, yet as the year ends you are still unemployed and uncertain about what the future holds; or perhaps your marriage has gone through too many rocky moments in the year, or perhaps the dream to have children is slowly dying, or perhaps the waiting for a spouse has taken its toll on you. Life happened is perhaps the short and the long.

Lineage of Christ

This morning, the lineage of Christ encourages my desperate moments. This lineage has several women who were smack in the middle of desperate moments; the one whose pain I so feel is this lady called Tamar.

Her husband had been so wicked that God put him to death. Judah the father to her husband then asked his second son to sleep with Tamar so that she gets a child to further the lineage as was the custom then. But this second son knew that the resulting child would not be his so whenever he slept with Tamar, ‘he spilled his semen on the ground to keep from providing offspring for his brother’ (yes, this is a quote straight from the bible, waar, you just can’t make this stuff up). God is not amused and again this one too is dead. At this point Judah decides Tamar is the problem, cursed and all, he promises his last son to her but never intends to give him to her, what and lose yet another son. This was her last option and she got trumped by the one person she trusted all along, her father in law.

So Tamar’s options have run out; she is not only a widowed woman, but a childless woman too, a woman who has been lied to severally; in short trumped over in all ways possible. So I can imagine the amount of desperation she must feel, how powerless and helpless she must feel, for her to decide to lure her father-in-law into sleeping with her. Desperate moment.

Yet, the most amazing thing I discover as I find her in the lineage of Christ is this, that in between this turmoil and desperation, she somehow somehow was in between God’s agenda for her. God intended to create beauty from these absolute ashes. She was going to be in the lineage of Christ. This munky moment will land her in the lineage of the Holy of Holies!

Then there was…

Then there was Bathsheba; for starters her husband has been killed by the King himself, and then this King takes her in, most likely without being given an opportunity to decide for herself if she wants to be with this man who killed her husband. And lets not even talk about how this must have seemed to the society. Then as if this is not enough, God takes away the child she conceives with this king. She must have felt helpless, hopeless even, where do people go from here? Yet in this desperate, powerless moment, she was still in between God’s agenda for her. Because of all these seeming desperate situations, she will end up in the lineage of Christ.

Then there was Ruth, her husband had also died, she was a widow. So when her mother-in-law decides to return to Bethlehem, she decides to follow her. Then she met one Boaz, then there was the business of slipping into the threshing floor at night, then they had to overcome the obstacle of having a relative with a stronger claim over Ruth. Boy oh boy, drama 101, yet in between all these, she is still in God’s agenda for her.

I am learning

I am learning that in between the thickness of life, in between many of life’s unexplainable moments; I am learning I could still be smack in the middle of God’s agenda for me. The Christmas story puts it to me so strongly that God works out ALL things, ALL things, ALL things for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.

This year I’ve had such desperate moments, breathlessly desperate; some continue to be desperate. My fickle eyes cannot seem to see God’s hand in these moments. Some of these moments tag deeply at who I am. Yet in between these moments, I am learning I could be smack in the middle of the will of this God who loves me just as I am.

Life is not always pretty, that’s what Tamar teaches me, yet God does not need it to be pretty to use it. But this is our hope, ‘UNTO US A CHILD IS BORN”. As we celebrate this season, and we all have should because the Lord of Lord’s is Emmanuel, God with us. God is with you in that desperate moment, He is with us, the kind of love all it took for Him to be with us is enough hope that it shall be well. So celebrate Him; “1 John 3:8 ….For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, to destroy the works of the devil”

Merry Christmas people; unto us a King is born. Hail Hail to the King.


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