Month: February 2014

Leadership 101

Honoring leaders *sigh*! This is one of those that I have struggled with for the longest time, sometimes loudly, often at the heart level. (more…)


Child-like walk

We profess an amazing faith. A faith that to many is foolishness, yet it is the core of who we are. We believe God created our universe, by a simple word as ‘let there be…and there was”.  We know of a God who brought down a giant in the name of Goliath by the simple throw of a stone by David. We know of a God who caused the walls of Jericho to come down simply by getting the Israelites to go round the walls. We know of a God who caused His disciples to walk on water. We know of a God who caused seas to part for His children to pass through. We know of a God who sent His only begotten Son to come and die for us, who resurrected on the third day and in the process reconciled us back to the Father. We know of a God who was about amazing things. At the centre of this believes is a faith like no other. (more…)