I said yes

I said yes! And no it’s not to that question. At the end of last year, this song was in my heart “I will be what you call me to be…I say yes, Lord I agree…my desire, passionately, is to be what you call me to be“. It’s a song by Jonathan Nelson, and it has tag at my heart, I say yes, Lord I agree.

Yet, song is easy. As I have sung this song and made this my prayer, I’ve realized how dangerous a prayer this is.

Sometimes I pray without thinking much of what happens if God answers and says, ‘this is what I want you to do’, will I have the courage to follow Him, will I have the faith to trust Him? What if He actually answers this prayer and says this is the way now walk in it? What if it is so different from the path I am on now or worse it is not a path that’s too difficult to take?

These thoughts have been in my mind. I have felt God saying yes dear, you will be what I call you to be. And as much as this excites me, in some moments that thought has had me panicked. Yet, even in those panicked minutes, it truly is still my heart’s desire. For my heart to beat at what He’s called me to be. For my life to be about what He called me to be.

That when my life is over, like David it would be said “when his purpose was fulfilled he went to be with his Father,  that I may everyday live in the workmanship the Lord has specifically created us for .

And yet….

A while back, this was my everyday prayer, to live out my calling. Somewhere a long the way this became a distant prayer, a distant desire. My life fell into a routine, an okay routine to be honest, and with it came complacency.

When I was thinking about what this year would be about,I had my complacent plans well in place. Yet, in a way only God can, He has rocked my boat even this early in the year. He has got me to ask questions I used to be big about, what have you called me to be.

These questions can sometime seem vague. Someone broke it down to me. There’s a general calling on all our lives, a call to love the Lord our God with all we are,a call to then love those around us, a call to serve others.

Then there’s a specific call for each of us. The one God tells Isaiah even before you were in your mother’s womb I knew you. The one that Lord says for I know the plans I have for you…. The one Paul talks about in Ephesians, For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand so that we would walk in them.

This second one is the one I yearn for. And truth is this second one differs everyone. Some are called to be teachers, some are called to serve in banks, some are called to serve by engineering roads, afterall we need all these things. But that calling is specific. And when you are doing it, you know it.

That’s the one I am knocking on heaven’s gates for. That’s the one like David I am praying to God for Psalms 25:1, 4 O Lord , I give my life to you. Show me the right path, O Lord ; point out the road for me to follow.

That’s the one I am trusting for clear direction for. I refuse to settle for less. I know this God well enough there is nothing that’s too hard for Him. He has walked me this far. He has directed my path. He has taken me to places I never knew possible. What is Him directing me to what He calls me to be.

What is your calling?

What has He called you to be. As the year starts, I think this is a good question to start with. What has God called me to be and am I living it? I believe as week see, God clarifies, God answers.

Yes sometimes it takes going to the wilderness as Moses did to discover it. Yes sometimes it’s as easy Paul meeting with the Lord and about turning to His destiny. Whatever the case it is there. Seek after it. Seek Him for it. Trust Him.

Sometimes I find it easy to blaze along life. Why rock any boats.  Enjoy and live in that. And I pray I do. Yet I must never settle for less than being in His will and path.

I am currently working with people who know their calling is to change the banking industry in Kenya. They will do anything for this. This is their calling. And that makes a huge difference. Work is no longer bout just earning a living but being part of the change they want. I meet with marketers who the idea that they helped someone to buy a product is everything. I meet people who their writing career is not just a job, but a tool God has given them to impact the lives of others.

And I know the question many have is how God’s calling fits into the need to earn a living. But what if we earned the living while serving Him. What if that job is a learning ground for what God has called you to be. Ask.  Ask. Ask. Seek. Knock. And you will find. Only be strong and courageous.

I ain’t still sure if what God has called me to this year. But this one thing I am sure. He will lead me. In this still way that only He can. I look forward to that. Not by power, not by might either, but by the Spirit of God.

Nan S. Russell writes, “People who are winning at working don’t wait for someone else, like their boss, to define their work’s purpose. They figure it out. They define it. They create a vision for themselves.”



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