Child-like walk

We profess an amazing faith. A faith that to many is foolishness, yet it is the core of who we are. We believe God created our universe, by a simple word as ‘let there be…and there was”.  We know of a God who brought down a giant in the name of Goliath by the simple throw of a stone by David. We know of a God who caused the walls of Jericho to come down simply by getting the Israelites to go round the walls. We know of a God who caused His disciples to walk on water. We know of a God who caused seas to part for His children to pass through. We know of a God who sent His only begotten Son to come and die for us, who resurrected on the third day and in the process reconciled us back to the Father. We know of a God who was about amazing things. At the centre of this believes is a faith like no other.

Yet I find many times this my grand faith ends there. This faith is greatly based on past tense, He did, not He does. In my day-to-day life, I seem unable to believe in the greatness of this God; that He still is in the business of doing amazing things. Last week I read this, ‘In our day, the greatest lack in the life of the individual Christian and of the church is the fire of God, the manifested presence and mighty working of the Holy Spirit. There is little about us that cannot be explained on the level of the natural. The church never had better organization, a more scholarly ministry, greater resources of men and means, and more skillful techniques. And yet never did it make a smaller contribution to solving the problems of a distraught world”’

This statement rung so true. There is very little about my life that cannot be explained by the natural. I have become so good at planning my life that there is little room for God’s move. Perhaps because a part of me believes in the things He did then, not the things He can do now, And we are many in this boat. We have segregated the God of the Word of God, the God who created the world by just a word, the God who sent His only begotten Son, the God who resurrected His only begotten Son; we have segregated this God from the God we believe in for our day-to-day life.

He is the same

Yet these words are ringing true to my ears, that God is the same yester today and evermore; He is still in the business of doing great things.”Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.”

And so I am reminding myself to open up my life to the possibilities of God moving. I am asking for God’s leading. I am depending less on the natural, on the things that make sense and more on His promises.

I am realizing that the only way to do this is to have a child-like faith. It is no wonder Christ says, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” The thing about children is how their faith is uncomplicated, they see things with simple naive eyes, you tell a child that you will do and they believe, even when the act is logically impossible. You tell an adult you will do, and if that adult is like me, they will analyse it until the end of the world and chances are by the time they are done, well there is no way they can believe you will do,

Faith is not the logical thing, faith is faith. It is belief in a God who can speak the universe into being. It is believing He can do the same thing in my life.

Not passive faith

And this does not add up to passivity is the other thing I am learning. Our faith is an active part of our lives, it’s not about siting and waiting, it’s about taking steps in faith. Faith is what Israelites did when they were crossing the red sea, it was not waiting for a big white horse to take them over the sea. It was stepping into the sea in faith, and as they did that, the Lord made a way for them. Faith is what David did, it was picking some stones and slings, going towards Goliath and trusting God for the battle, it was not him sitting at the periphery and waiting for this Goliath to just drop dead.

Last  week we were talking with a friend of mine and she told me she is very wary of recruiting people who profess to be Christians. He said that many Christians we are lazy. He used the argument of how in high school it was Christians who spent a lot of time in prayer and hardly read and the result was that they were the worst performers. Its said at workplaces its Christians who do not carry their weight, we are so hung up on miracles we do not play our role. That is not the God we serve. The God we serve is a God of excellence. His word says faith without action is dead.

I was reading the story of Noah and some small detail stuck at me. When it stopped raining, Noah sends birds out to check out if the land is dry. This guy had a one on one relationship with God, surely He could have sat and waited for God to just tell him now the land is dry, and eventually God does. But his faith is not passive, he is an active participant in this relationship. He therefore puts into motion activities to confirm that the land has dried up before leaving the boat.

I am learning that as I seek to live a life of faith, as I seek to have my life be about God and not the natural that I can easily explain, as I create space to hear from God; I must be an active participant in this faith walk. When He says step out, I must set into motion activities for this step out, then with obedience in place, He leads me.

So in impossible situations, in day-to-day choices, Lord, may Your Spirit lead me, may I depend less on the natural and more on You. May I have enough faith to take some steps. And even when I am faithless, may I always know that You are still faithful. God of all creation, this year, may I walk in faith and not by sight, faith in the most amazing God, faith in the God who so loves me, faith.


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