Finders Keepers II – Devious Maids (Real Women)

This sermon has blessed me throughout this week….have a read and I pray it blesses you too,



We’re going through a series called ‘Finders Keepers II’ learning from God’s word about how to find and keep the love that lasts a lifetime. We began with‘The Morning After’, where we learnt that relationships today are in big mess because as a result of our rebellion against God, women tend to manipulate while men tend to dominate. This is why we need God to save us not only spiritually but sexually as well. In ‘Tujuane’, we saw that in a society that often blurs the lines, God has created clear differences between men and women and learnt that ‘before you can enjoy your sexuality, you need to know your identity.’ And then last week in  ‘Real Husbands Of Nairobi’, we talked about men and sexuality and our main takeout was ‘against the devil, play offense, but against sexual temptation, play defence! 

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