Mate Selection Lessons from 1 Samuel 16

Very encouraging…..

Nungari's Thoughts

I have heard it said that God does not really care who your spouse is.  You pick one and God just gives you a thumbs up whichever one you select.  It has worked for some, I don’t think it would work for me.  I am of the school of thought that God is so purposeful and specific that he knows the spouse who will work for me and if I allow him to intervene he will point out the specific one that is best for me.  Kind of in the same way he chose a King for Israel in 1 Samuel 16.

Let me start by saying that I do not trust my own ability to choose.  I am too human to look at the right things.  I would be too focused on his height, complexion, education, job etc…  I prefer to let God analyse a man because God see’s…

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