Trust without borders

This morning I woke up with this song in my heart “Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders, let me walk upon the waters to wherever you call me. Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander and my faith will be made stronger in the presence of my Saviour”.

This song is kinda scary; lead me to the place where my trust is without borders. The truth is that many times my faith has boundaries. There is only so far that I will allow it to go; i want the things I see and understand. So to be singing and praying that Lord lead me to the place where my trust is without borders is a stretch.

Let me walk upon the water to wherever you call me! That’s another scary one. I am a logical person, those who like to see where they are stepping into before they step into it. I am too afraid of taking a step without seeing where it leads. What if the place it leads to is this muddy place that will soil my rather fancy heels? So to make a prayer to walk into the waters to WHEREVER He calls! Remember I said no boundaries, so combine no boundaries and wherever you call and you have a situation that could go very south.

Fear not…

Then I hear God asking who says I will call you to a place of loss and misery? You see secretly we all fear God could call us to impossible things. This fear stands between us and faith. Yet what God is reminding me is this, ‘for I know the plans I have for you, plans to PROSPER you, and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future

His plans are good. I can trust His plans. He will never call me to anything that harms. He wants what is best for me. He wants to excel me.

The other day I was meditating on these words  “Blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked..But his delight is in the law of the LORD, and on his law he meditates day and night. He is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither. Whatever he does prospers.”  Whatever he does prospers; his prosperity is not dependent on what he does because what he does prospers; wherever he places his hands, he prospers. Kinda like Joseph. This guy prospered even in prison. Is that not the calling our Saviour has for us?

So God is reminding me that I need not fear where He will call me, I need not have boundaries on how far I will go, He has the boundaries in check for me, and I can trust them.

He is reminding me that no eye has seen, no ear has heard of the things He will do with those who trust Him. You see our imagination can only go so far. Our imagination is many times limited by our experience, our age, our views. Yet this God we serve He is unlimited. And as we trust Him, He opens the limitless places He can take us. That is the essence of faith and surrender. As we surrender our plans and our will to His, He takes it and makes it even bigger than we could ever have imagined.

Yep, faith walk

At the start of the year ,I felt God saying this would be a year of faith, a year when He would do a new thing. A year when I would come to the shores of Jordan and would have to make a choice to either trust Him and step into the waters or lull at the shores and miss the promised land. If I chose to lull at the shores, fear would be my companion. It would keep me focused on how flooded River Jordan is. It would keep me focused on the things that could go wrong in this river. But if I chose faith instead, if I chose to take a step of faith into the waters, the Lord would make a way. He would astound me with the things He would do. I am choosing faith.

My prayer is that I would have the courage and faith to walk upon the waters to wherever He calls me. Take me deeper than my feet could wander; to the place that I could not take myself to.; to the place only You can lead; to the place where only You can make possible.

If there are issues you are fearing to trust Him, know this, He wants the best for you; trust Him. He can be your everything, beyond your every imagination, all He asks is you surrender to His leading. Sometimes His leading will make a lot of sense, other times it will not, but trust Him. Let Him be the source of all you are. Absolutely depend on Him. Don’t let any false sense of security from work, from your talents, from your family replace your utter dependence on Him

I will call upon Your name. KEEP MY EYES ABOVE THE WAVES. And my soul will rest in Your embrace coz I am Yours and You are mine. Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders.




  1. Thanks Esther, it feels like God is screaming in my ear on the same thing 3 times this week. Yaani the words of that song is scary been dealing with this this week, God is very clear that I will never know my full potential if I dont trust Him 100% coz I am limited in my own human capacity, and I am struggling with how do I move from logic to child like trust….God help my unbelief..

    1. Hellen, I so understand. It is not the easiest thing. But I like that it is not something we need to do on our own. We have a Helper!

  2. It’s totally amazing how God will keep saying the same thing thru’ different people till you hear, and I mean REALLY HEAR! Lord, I’ve heard, trust without borders, is what you are calling me to, thanks Esther for being faithful.

    1. You are welcome Ranja! Am glad this was your word too, i thought i was the only one struggling with this. Inakaa God is speaking to many of us.

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