Take my dreams

Sometimes God calls us to do such impossible things, the kind that will often not make sense to us, the kind that feel like walking on water in this day and age. Often the question is why Lord; why can’t You call me some nice normal stuff. Why can’t you give me the easiest assignment?

These must have been thoughts Moses had when God calls him to go liberate Israelites. He must have thought really God? Me the guy who cannot speak; the guy who is slow of speech; the guy who attempted to save these Israelite by killing the bad guy to no avail? Why can’t you send someone else God, someone who will make more sense to the Israelites, someone who will be more eloquent? What if the Israelites do not believe me or listen to me and say, ‘The Lord did not appear to you’?”

God is not moved by all these excuses and buts. He instead tells Moses an amazing truth, this is the reason you will go to the Israelites, this is the reason they will believe you, this the reason you will do well, because I will be with you. It will not be about your skills, nor your speech, nor your plans; all those have failed you before anyway; it will be because I will be with you. What an amazing truth this was for Moses, and what an amazing truth this is for me as well. That in between the many doubts and questions that I have concerning my calling, He says I will do well, not because I am sharp, not because I pray hard, but because HE WILL be with me.

Add risk to it…

Early in the year a friend of mine told a group of us that if there is no risk to what you God calls us to do, then it is not a step of faith. If we can do it with our eyes closed, with such ease, it is not what God has called us to. If it is something we can do on your own strength, it is not from God. If it is not something that requires us to trust God with everything in us, then it is not from God.

I am currently reading the book of Joshua. I am truly amazed at how God uses Joshua. Moses has died and God has anointed Joshua as the leader of Israelites. But what amazes me is how God sets Joshua up for greatness. I mean this young boy becomes a leader after a great leader. That is always difficult, fitting into such shoes is no joke. Yet God sets him up for greatness but each step of the way He requires him to do the most ridiculous things, the things that you only do in absolute faith. As if it is not enough that God asks Joshua to ask the Israelites to step into a flooded river in faith and that He will make a way, He then asks them to go round the walls of Jericho for 7 days for 7 times and on the 7th day shout out in joy as the walls of Jericho will come down. Haa, this is an awkward plan, just walk around the walls, really? That’s the big plan to bring this people down?

Take my dreams

That is how God works our faith out. He calls us to things that have every risk attached to it. Yet as we trust Him, as we surrender to His plan and realize just how feeble we are on our own, then He moves us to even greater heights.

Last week I heard this amazing song by Nicola Britts “I want to set the world on fire for you” and was just amazed by the prayer the lady was making through this prayer. It sounds at first as a ridiculous prayer by a young lady who is on fire to change the world. You know those things that are stigmatized to be as young dreams by young people. Yet as I looked out for her story, I realized this seemingly impossible prayer to set the world on fire, is already being fulfilled through her. Kilometers away from her are people like me who this song greatly touches and they get doing what God would have them do.

See we serve a big God. “I, I am small but You, You are big; I, I am weak but You, You are strong; so take my dreams, come and give them wings. Lord with You there’s nothing I cannot do…..”

So this is my prayer this week. Lord take my dreams. Take these seemingly impossible dreams and give them wings. Lord I believe that with You there is nothing I cannot do. So tell me as You told Moses that You will be with me. Lead me Lord to the impossible world. I chose to trust in You for the impossible things You have placed in my heart.

We are called to great things, to be the hope of the world. For Nicola Britts her dream is to set the world on fire for God. She sings, ‘I wanna feed the hungry children, and reach across the farthest land and tell the broken there is healing and mercy in the Father’s hands...”

What about you, what is your dream? What is that ridiculous thing that God has called you to? Take a step of faith; He says He will be with you. That’s all you need, Him on your side. And if you are like me and sometimes feel like you are not even sure what that space is, ask Him to lead you, to tell you where He has called you to be. He is likely to answer you as He did Moses, what is in your hands? Then ask you to take a step of faith. It’s amazing how that’s where it always starts; trust without borders!




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