Gotta be patient

So the romance in the book of Ruth continues. I am so jazed by this story, you have to read this blog post to understand why (My Alehandro is dead). This story has been such a reminder of how awesome our God is. Today a statement that Naomi made stood out for me.

A few steps back, Naomi has sent Ruth to the threshing floor of Boaz. She seems to recognize that there comes a time for action and Ruth sitting in her house waiting for Boaz is not gonna work. I guess that’s the story of another day, faith without action is dead.

So Ruth does as she is told, “she baths, puts on perfume and dresses in her nicest dress”. Yes I copied that verbatim from the Word of God. Isn’t it cool that she is not going to meet her Boaz in a rugged t-shirt? Sometimes we Christians can be lazy, okay let me speak for myself. My argument at this point is the guy will see my heart, he after all has seen me working very hard at the fields, so he should like me for me. But Naomi again seems to know something else, these men like ‘nicely dressed’ women; so no wearing a t-shirt is not gonna work. Let me say at this point I really like Ruth! She has such an amazing spirit. “I will do everything you say” is her response to these seemingly strange instructions from Naomi. She has an amazingly teachable spirit. Many times in my world when we are given instructions by an older woman, we go into the she thinks I don’t know better mode, we become defensive. Ruth seems to have such a teachable spirit.

Instructions ticked

So anyway back to the statement of the day. Ruth has followed the instructions and has now gone back home and is reporting to Naomi all that has happened. Naomi’s response is what stood out for me today. She says, “Just be patient, my daughter, until we hear what happens. The man won’t rest until he has settled things today.” Wow!

I hear two amazing truths here. One is that there is a season for patience. We live in a pap world; I am a true fruit of this. Many times I have fought with God because I feel I have done all He has asked me to do but no, Boaz is not here yet. Ever felt like that? That you have obeyed all the instructions God gave you but you are still jobless, a chic gotta eat! Or you have sent out every CV you could send out in search of a job. Or you just cannot seem to have the children you crave for! Or you have prayed but still can’t seem to hear from God over what His calling for your life is?

I have been there. Moments when I know I obeyed every instruction He gave me, I even quit that job, yet it still feels very dark. The Lord reminded me today a simple truth in the response Naomi gave to Ruth, “Just be patient my daughter”. Lately I have heard the Lord speak to me through a song by Donnie McClurkin called stand…What do you do when you have done all you can and it seems like it’s never enough? Tell me, what do you do when you have given your all and it seems you can’t make it through? Well, you just stand. Watch the Lord see you through.”

The first time I heard this song in my spirit I was excited and woke up with an agenda to listen to it on Youtube. I thought finally God has given me an answer to a struggle I had for a while of what now? Yet as I listened to the song I felt a bubble burst. God was saying chic, just be still and know I am God. After you have done all you can…you just stand!

How many more?

So if you are in a place like me where you are wondering how many more prayers do I need to make over this situation? How many more tears do I need to cry before God comes through?

My friend, God’s word for you today is “Just be patient my daughter, my son”

He will come through. This song by Hillsong ‘You’ll come’ has encouraged me through this waiting season. I have decided, I have resolved, to wait upon You Lord…as surely as the sun will rise, certain as the dawn appears, You’ll come…..He will come.

The story of Ruth and Boaz ends in a way only God could have written it. It ends with Ruth and Boaz getting a baby called Obed who became the father of Jesse and the grandfather of David!

Hang in there. He is not done with you yet. He is a faithful God, when He says I will never leave you nor forsake you, take Him at His word. He will come. Hang in there.

There is a second truth to this statement that I intended to write here as well but realized God’s message for today is this truth. Tomorrow I post the second truth. For today, He says ‘Be patient, my daughter / son”. He will come.



  1. Today i got a chance to read an internalise this are rare moments so big up to me. Waiting is not easy it is the hardest thing one can do because the time factor is not definate. The worst part is as you wait like me you grow paranoid and start hearing or seeing things as youd like them to be. Recently i woke up and i was thankful that God said No to me. Strange huh? Im grateful for the many times he said No madam not this time and not this way. My encoragement Journey on with him he is teh best and only option. God bless keep them coming.

    1. Wow! I was reading a book and the lady was thanking God for the unanswered prayers i.e. the seven other guys he had prayed to God to make it work with. Now she’s so glad He said no to those prayers.

    2. Wow! I was reading a book and the lady was thanking God for the unanswered prayers i.e. the seven other guys he had prayed to God to make it work with. Now she’s so glad He said no to those prayers and is so glad God said yes to her now hubby. Si God is amazing like that!

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