Don’t settle for less

So last week the events of this my dear country caused me to take a detour (see this post) from this amazing romance story of Ruth and Boaz. I am excited to be back at jotting the lessons the Lord placed in my heart as I meditated on this hot romance! The word of God is truly sharper than a double edged sword if I think this is a hot story!

So the last blog I posted on this story (see this post) was about a statement that Naomi made, “Just be patient, my daughter, until we hear what happens. The man won’t rest until he has settled things”. A few steps before this statement, Ruth has been to see Boaz with some specific instructions from Naomi. She has followed them to the letter. She has now returned home and is reporting to Naomi what transpired. This statement is the conclusion that Naomi comes up with after she has heard all that transpired.

So this week I share a second truth that God placed in my heart from this powerful statement by Naomi.

The man won’t rest

The man won’t rest until he has settled things today! Wow. Naomi seems to have such an unwavering faith in Boaz. This statement is very telling of the character of this guy called Boaz. The man will not rest until he has settled things today!

This is not a guy who will lead on Ruth till kingdom come. You know the guy who asks you out for coffee, movie dates and the like without ever declaring his intentions. This is not the guy who recognizes that Ruth is at a weak moment having been a widow and all and therefore takes advantage of that. This is not the guy who recognizes that this chic likes me and rides along this boat. No, this is a man of character. He is a man who can be trusted. He will do the right thing. He will ensure everything is settled not next week, not after several coffee dates, but today.

Don’t settle

We live in a world where the dating world is not as easy as it probably was those days. Many times the men are unsure about where they want the relationship to go and so they can tag the lady along. Many times we the women love the attention and so we will tag along a guy when we know the relationship is not going anywhere. We all love blazing along.

Yet what I see in both Boaz and Ruth is people of character. People who desire to do the right thing. People who will not rest until the matter is settled.

So yes, do not settle for less. Don’t settle for a man whose character is neither here nor there. And don’t make excuses for him, a man or woman of good character, you and the Naomi’s around you can easily tell. He’s honest. He’s imperfect yes, but his love for Christ convicts him to be a better person daily, and the Spirit of God leads to him to be a Boaz. That’s why our Savior says you will know them by their fruits!

A few weeks back when I killed my Alehandro, I felt God telling me I had expectations that were driven by self, fear and my world in general. So I finally agreed to kill the image of my perfect guy and opened my heart to whoever He brings along. However, there are a few things that remained in the list, things that I vehemently pray that I never let go of. A man after God’s heart, a man whose character even the Naomi’s around him know for. That guy is honest, that guy is kind, that guy loves the Lord and that is His most important relationship.

Work on me

I am praying that I also become that person whose character speaks for itself.

I have over time come to realize that in relationships the only person you can change is yourself. My pastor says it well, “work on me pray for him”.

Often I have not been a Boaz. I have sometimes been the chic who leads the guy on because I enjoy the attention yet I know I am not interested in the relationship. I have been the person who has allowed the guy to lead me on when I can tell the guy will not commit. I have made excuses for him. Yet today I am asking God to teach me to be the person who others can say of that ‘she will not rest until the matter is settled’.

But the coolest part of this story is I can confidently say exactly the same thing as Naomi did about the Lover of my soul “The Man won’t rest until he has settled things today.” Because He is a trustworthy Father. Because time and time again, He amazes my heart with His faithfulness.


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