Bridal shower moment

Over the last few weeks I have posted blogs on the lessons I learnt from the book of Ruth (see->>Letting go of the perfect guy image, if in doubt of his character, run; and when you are tired of the wait). I could go on and on with this amazing story. However, this is the last post I will be making in this season over this. As I post these last observations, I am thanking God for His word; it truly is food to my soul. This story has not only encouraged me, it has renewed my faith in God, that in His time He makes ALL things beautiful. So here are the observations that tag at my heart.

The blessing of Leah and Rachael

So Ruth has finally been betrothed (okay married, who needs such words anyway) to her Boaz. The elders of the city are about to bless this union. This is the blessing they speak over them “may the Lord make this woman who is coming into your home like Rachael and Leah, from whom all the nation of Israel descended! May you prosper in Ephtathah and be famous in Bethlehem

Such an amazing blessing; I think I need to ‘pay’ the elders of my world to speak this blessing into me when I get married, may the Lord make me (you can insert your name) like Rachael and Leah from whom all the nation of Israel descended. Then the blessing to Boaz, “May the Lord prosper you my Boaz, and may you be famous in Bethlehem.”

The amazing thing is that this blessing came to pass; Ruth gave birth to Obed, an ancestor of our Lord and Savior. We serve an amazing God.

I have a deep desire in my heart to live for this God. Moments like this affirm that desire. That He can bless a simple Moabite woman, a widow, a woman dependent on the barley that is dropped behind for her living; that He blesses this woman like Rachael and Leah from whom all the nation of Israel descended is truly amazing. This woman deserved none of this. She lived in a society where being a Moabite was looked down on. They were not special enough. Yet God chooses her to be the woman on whom all nation of Israel descended.

So I am praying this prayer over self. Lord make me this kind of a woman; may I be a blessing to my Boaz, may I be the fruit that you use to bless. And Lord, would you bless my Boaz as well, may he prosper, may he be famous in our land, famous for loving You with all he is, famous for being handpicked by the Lord for greatness, famous for being in the lineage of Christ.

Many times I am tempted to settle for less than God’s plan for us. It is times like this that remind us why I must be about His choice for me and not the world’s choice for me.

In the end….

The reason I have loved this story is not so much the amazing romance story that it is; it is that I see the Hand of God all over it. I see the God who redeems Ruth and Noami, women who were beaten by life; “Don’t call me Naomi,” she told them. “Call me Mara, because the Almighty has made my life very bitter.

Somehow as they chose to go back to the Promised Land, to the land where they came from, they leave their bitterness behind and God sets them into a path that only He could have. Their journey back home sets into motion a walk towards God’s plan for them. It was not always easy, but God redeems them. Isn’t that where every amazing story starts? A journey back to the Father, to His Promised Land, to where He wishes us to be.

As I finish my meditation on this amazing story, I realize it is easy to get hang up in the how and when this romance story worked out. Look for tips in how I will get my Boaz but what I mostly see here is a God that redeems. A God who when I give everything I have, He takes it and makes it the most beautiful thing ever.

So Lord, I am coming to the heart of worship where it is about you. I know you will redeem me. I know you have a plan for me that will astound even me. I know your love; I see it in the eyes of this story. I see a love that sees my tears and holds me and says I will redeem you. So I am taking a step back to my redeemer, bless me and my Boaz as only You can.



  1. I am so thankful for this sequel. God’s powerful hand led me to your blog. I bless the Lord for a time like this. No more settling! My creator has got me covered. I pray for every Christian at crossroads of romance. The Alehandros of our times sure can be enticing. Through this message, I now understand not to settle but to fully trust God for my Boaz. Esther, may the Almighty God continue to speak through you and help many singles like me see the light. Be blessed.

    1. I am glad it blessed you!

      Interestingly I am currently in a situation that so brings me back to this sequel, I think when God gave me these revelations, He was preparing me for what was next. So I am learning from it as well! It is a constant battle, how I pray God will always keep us in the path of truth

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