Winning – Tic Toc Syndrome

An amazing truth – He’s got the whole world in His Hands. So I am reminded not to stress. To learn to unplug. Because He has the whole world in His hands.


How do you win in this fast paced world?


Let me tell you about a mythical city full of people who live strange lives. You won’t believe the kind of lives they live when I tell you! Most of them wake up in the morning not having had enough sleep. The first thing they do after turning off the alarm is to check their twitter and whatsapp feed to see what they missed out as they slept. They quickly shower, change into their clothes and take coffee to wake up while watching the morning news in case they missed something important. Meanwhile, their kids are picked up by a school bus at 5.30am to make it on time for school. They dash out of the house in a hurry because they want to beat the traffic jam before the rest of the city heads out to the road! If they’re…

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