He is the Boss

Do you ever see like we romanticize the Word of God? Like we see it from the eyes we want to see it rather than what it truly is? I do. Sometimes I will read His Word and sift it to make sure it makes sense to me. That I am a hopeless romantic who believes in happily ever after does not help coz I will be sifting through His word for the happy ending.

Afterall happy ending is His promise, ‘that I will work out everything for the good of those who are called according to His purpose’. Yet nowhere in this verse does it say that it will be a romantic process to this, He just works it out, how He does it is upto Him. One of the things God is teaching me is I am made by Him for Him. That in short means He is the boss. Luckily He is a friend boss, He is a father boss, He is a loving boss, but make no mistakes, He is the Boss. You see many times in my romanticized view of God I miss this point. Because He loves me so much and goes to great heights to let me know that He loves me, I forget this Truth, that He is the Boss. That I live in a world that loves freedom, hates to imagine someone infringing on freedom, makes the idea of Him being a boss well not as romantic as I would want to.

But lest I forget this, the Lord has been reminding me this Truth. He has been helping me reconcile with this Truth. He has been helping me see that I can trust this Boss, he has been telling me to let go of my worldly views of a boss and embrace this Boss, he has been telling me that involves letting for of the romantic self-created views I have and embracing who He truly is.

A hammered lesson

Today is one of those days that God hammered this lesson. Today I was reading through the book of 1 Kings, the Book elaborates how Solomon came into power. The romantic view I have of Solomon coming into power is one full of Grace.

Solomon is the son of this wife that David took through adultery and murder in the most infamous scandal of his life. How God then turns the son of this scandalous couple into the king of Israel when there is a more ‘proper’ son who should even be the natural heir as he is older than Solomon is amazing. It is what reminds me of Grace. That we serve a God of second chances, a God who is after broken and contrite people, and not necessarily the perfect people. This message I love.

Yet in this story of Solomon becoming king is also a less romantic view of God’s ways. David is at this point very old. His eldest son comes up with a plan in which he intends to crown himself as king. In the background is a Prophet of God, Nathan, who does not agree with this eldest son becoming king, afterall David had promised Kingship to the other son, Solomon.

So what does Nathan and Solomon’s mother do, they come up with a plot on how to do this. The plot is nothing if not conniving. The plot is for Bathsheba to go to the king and ask him why he is not fulfilling the promise to make Solomon king then leave him with that thought. Immediately after Nathan would go to David and ask him the same thing. With the seed having been planted by Bathsheba, he is likely to follow Nathan’s direction. This is how Solomon is anointed king. It is not through some romantic moment where the king calls him and blesses him. Nope, it is through the conniving plans of a mother and a prophet.

It does not sound too good does it? I mean surely for the people to be in the lineage of Christ God needs to have a cleaner plan than this?

Many other scandals

Yet as if to show that this is no accident, there is another scandal in the name of Tamar who again is in the lineage of Christ. This one slept with her father in law! Scandalous!

I find the Word of God actually has very many scandals. In my effort to understand the Word, I often either romanticize the scandals or explain them away. Yet, truth is, if I was a layman, an unbeliever, my head would just sing scandal scandal scandal!

So I will not attempt to explain away these scandals. They are too many. The minute I am through with these ones I will find a scandal of that God hardened the heart of Pharaoh. Really God, why would you do that and in the process have so many people killed?! The romantic thing to do would have been to soften Pharaoh’s heart. Or even, why would you choose Jacob over Esau even before they were born? Where is the justice in this?

Yet in all these scandals what I hear from the Lord is this, you are all created by me for my glory! It may sound narcissistic but that is only because we attempt to think of God in human ways.

He is God

But think of it, He is God. He is not a glorified father, or a glorified friend. He is God. He is the Beginning and the End. He spoke you and me into being. He created our world. He is beyond our every imagination.

When He says ‘For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” take Him at His Word.

His ways are not our ways neither are His thoughts ours. And so every time we attempt to put God in a box, even a romanticized one we go very wrong. He is God. He works all things out for good, how He does it is upto Him. So stop fighting Him, join the bandwagon, SURRENDER and be happy that we can trust Him.

This year God has taught me this lesson in many ways. Everytime I have been sure God will do something in a way I get, He has astounded me. I have seen Him do the most unexpected in relationships, in purpose walks, in family, in life in general. I have seen my life unfold in such unexpected ways. He has reminded me in so many words that His ways are not my ways and neither are His thoughts my thoughts. He has taken me to that point where my options have been surrender or surrender.

Remove God from that box, surrender to who He is which is honestly beyond our every imagination. He is neither white nor black; a lot about Him, you and I will never understand. But He is the Boss. Best part, You can trust this Boss.

Here is the mystery and wonder of the ages. If Jesus Christ becomes our advocate, the justice of God is on our side!”


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