Too many voices in the desert

This past week God convicted me to take some time off to unplug and seek to hear from Him. I felt like there were too many voices in my head that I was beginning to feel lost, that never fun sound of mosquitos was becoming a permanent feature – diiii diiii. You see we live in a noisy world. Left right and centre are voices that are competing for our attention. Information is freely dished out, and often it is the good kind of information, the kind that is meant for our good. If it is not in a book, it is in a tv show or in a sermon or in a workshop or in a blog such as this; many sources of voices and information. And just to emphasize often good sources. Yet in between all these it is very possible for the voice of God to be lost or replaced by the voice of others.

Have you ever been in a place in your life where every time there is an altar call for prayers you are there? Every time there is a prophetic word being dished out you are on the front row of receiving. Every time there is a class on a new trending topic you are there. Soon we become the consumers themselves. This consumption, if not well managed, very fast becomes constipation. That is the definition of what I felt when I decided it is time to unplug.

And through this time God has reminded me an important lesson. I must learn to hear from God for myself. I must learn to be quiet enough to seek His voice for myself. I must learn to seek Him for myself. His word is clear on this, if you seek me with all your heart, you will find me. It does not say if you seek me through others, or if you seek me through the many books, it says if you seek me.


And it is the way God called many into their purpose. He spoke directly to them and they knew without a doubt, without a need for confirmation, where the Lord was leading them. Case in point is Paul. Paul has had an encounter with God, he immediately about turns and start doing what God calls him to. Paul does not go through many discipleship classes, he does not need someone else to confirm God’s word for him; he knows he knows what God is telling him to do.

Samuel is called by God, he runs to his teacher but his teacher does what teachers must have the courage and faith to do. His teacher tells him to go back to his bed and when he hear the voice again, he was to say ‘speak Lord your servant hears you’. This teacher could have decided to hear from God for him, feel even more important in the process, but he does what teachers should do, he teaches Samuel to hear for self from God.

Abraham was called by God to leave the land he was in, he hears for himself and goes. The disciples were called by Christ and given a personal mandate, not through others but from Christ Himself. He tells them go and make disciples…they have heard for themselves and so they will go.

The consequences

Oh how I pray God teaches me to seek Him for self. If I don’t learn to rely on God speaking to me, I will be like this prophet that I have been reading about in 1 Kings 13.

The prophet has been sent to the King to give him a message from God. The prophet has been given specific instructions by God that he is not to eat any of the foods in Israel. But on his way out of this city, he meets with another prophet who tells him God has told him he can have a meal with him. This prophet has faith in his comrade – afterall prophets have to stick together right? Oh how this faith in this prophet will cost him such a gruesome death. If only this prophet had gone back to God and said Lord you spoke to me earlier about not eating this food, now speak to me about eating it with this prophet.

Be still…

God’s word for each of us is specific and unique. We therefore cannot rely on the Lord speaking to others for us; we must seek Him for ourselves. That is not to mean He does not speak through others, He does and the bible is full of instances when He did. But we must learn to hear from God for self. To ask Him to confirms His word for us by speaking directly to us.

Then the many voices will be still and we will depend on the only Voice that matters most, the voice of the Lord Jesus Himself.

Don’t allow yourself to develop a dependency syndrome. I know it is tempting, it feels great to not have to do the work but just receive, but the consequences as the prophet discovered can be dire. God calls each of us to a personal relationship with Him. If He can speak to others then there is no reason why He cannot speak to you. You only need to be still and trust Him. Trust Him.

And when He speaks, it will be amazing coz you will know, like Paul, that you know what His calling for you is and you will pack and start the walk toward His calling without a doubt, knowing you heard from God. Seek Him and you will find Him.



  1. I totally relate to this. I too have felt the same before where too many people were speaking into my situation that I had nothing left to Say for myself let alone listen to God. sometimes we become such heavy consumers of other people’s ideas and testimonies. Let God’s voice be the first voice I choose to listen to.

  2. Nice read! I also relate very well but even as I Listen to all the advise somehow deep down I am convinced of what I should do….I believe that is God…but the conviction is not always the way I want it so I listen to justify not doing as per the convictions…This is a good reminder of the repercussions as faced by that prophet…God help us to listen and trust you for you know very well what is best for us.

    1. Hi Nduta, asante for sharing your thoughts.
      Doing what God asks us to do is sometimes very hard. I know that coz sooo often I am there, I know what God wants me to do but I want to bargain my way! Thats why I ever appreciate the help we have in the Holy Spirit! May God continue to help us to listen and trust Him with where to go.

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