When Jesus say yes nobody can say no

So this song ‘when Jesus say yes nobody can say no’ has been top on gospel music charts for a while now. The YouTube upload has been equally popular! We clearly love the beats behind this song but the lyrics do not hurt either, they are encouraging and often what we need to hear. Yet someone needs to tell Michelle Williams and Co that they need to do another rendition; one for when Jesus says no, what to do. Okay I clearly am not a songwriter as those lyrics do not rhyme but still, there is a conversation there that needs to be had.

You know the way conversations will always have two sides, a possibility of a yes or no, otherwise it is a monologue conversation, and monologue conversations are not conversations. When I have a conversation with anyone at any point, it is kinda shady to expect that they will agree with me in all I will say and therefore only be saying yes. So if I do not expect my friends to be yes men, I wonder why I expect God to be a Yes-Man! Why do I expect Him to agree with all my great ideas? Why do I expect Him to just be a rubber stamp?

Because of one reason, when He says no, it hurts. It’s a bitter peel to swallow. That’s why I am convinced there is an unwritten song on what to do when Jesus says no!

A grateful heart – for a no I hated

I struggle with the no-answers and the more vested I am on the issue, the harder the no answer is to take. Yet God is teaching me to take them all as answers. Why? He has my best interest at heart (you can read more on this in this blogpost -> Trust without borders). Every single no-answer God has given me, when I look back, without exception I am always glad He said no. It is as the saying goes, ‘you live your life but understand it backwards’. Years later, sometimes when I am lucky months or days later, I am glad I have a God who says no. And it is not always because I am better off having received the no-answer, but because in all instances He works it out for my good.

In the recent past I have felt loved by God beyond what words could describe. Divine connections have been my story. Yet that is not the story I am most grateful for. It is that when I was foolish, when I was absolutely daft, He held my hand and refused to let me go down a path that I would regret later on. It is that as only a Father can, He told me severally, even though you do not see it now, I do this for your good. I fought. I did not understand. I sulked. Yet He held on as only a Father can, He said no.

Now I see Your Holy Hand through it all. I know You held me together. I know left to myself I would have perished in the sea of foolishness. I know You said no but more than that, even more than words could describe I am grateful you said no. I am grateful that Daddy you see when I am walking into a ditch and refuse to let me go. I may kick and fight but you love me too much to let me walk into the ditch. Lord, with a thankful heart, I bless your name. Thank you Lord!

I sing this song even in the no-answer situation “I am not worried about a thing, coz I know You are guiding me. Where You lead me Lord I will follow…coz it ALL belongs to You”.

If you are going through a no-moment, there may be no song written to help you yet, but God is holding you together. He says He will work it ALL out for your good. He says you can trust Him. Spend time with Him. Seek His face. He will lead you. And it may not make sense at the moment, I still have no-answers that still do not make sense, but this one thing I have learnt, I can trust the heart of this God as this blogpost explains -> Trust without border. Because even when we are faithless, even when we are foolish, He remains faithful. Trust Him. May He encourage you as you do so.




  1. Esther, I love that, you have hit the nail right on the head like you always do. I struggle with the nos but I have learned that when God says no, He is actually looking out for me.

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