Month: September 2014

When you have to be resilient

Encourage yourself in the Lord. That’s the verse I woke up to yester. The last few days have been a mess, I feel like I have gone through the turbulent of life and back. So to wake up to such a verse I felt like such a cliché Christian. (more…)


I ain’t man enough for this one

So last week I started sharing some of the things God has been teaching me as I have lived out His calling over my life – purpose related things. I started with a lesson on why I don’t think we need to necessarily quit our jobs inorder to live out our purpose, see this blog ->Don’t quit your job. This week God has placed more stuff in my heart. This one has been a tough lesson to learn, especially because I am a doer, I want to run with things to the end; I want to get into activity with zeal. Then God tells me to take a chill pill, to learn to let Him be the one who births and sustains whatever He calls me to. A friend of mine once said, whatever is born in prayer can only be sustained in prayer. How true that is. (more…)

Don’t quit your job!

Ever heard this theory that for you to live out your purpose you must quit your job? Okay if you have not heard the theory, everytime you have a ‘purpose conversation’ with a coach or people living out their purpose, do you feel like they are silently advocating for you to quit your job; they may not say it loudly but the people they interview have quit their jobs and so you feel the pressure to do so as well. You feel its impossible to discover your purpose while at the workplace or settings you currently are in? I have met people from developed nations who feel like they need to visit a third world country to connect with their purpose. (more…)

An aborted vision

Every once in a while God speaks a word that burns at you and you cannot keep it to yourself. This is one of those days. I recently listened to Bill Haybel talk about courageous leadership. You have to listen to this; it is mind boggling; the video is on YouTube. As I listened to this video, I could feel mu mind being freed. I realized that the greatest enemy to every single dream God has ever given me, and I bet you too, has always been my mind. It is amazing that the mind helps us do such great things; build houses, invent computers, set up businesses, run ministries, be great at our workplaces; yet this same mind if allowed will be the same reason we do not step into what God calls us to. (more…)