Don’t quit your job!

Ever heard this theory that for you to live out your purpose you must quit your job? Okay if you have not heard the theory, everytime you have a ‘purpose conversation’ with a coach or people living out their purpose, do you feel like they are silently advocating for you to quit your job; they may not say it loudly but the people they interview have quit their jobs and so you feel the pressure to do so as well. You feel its impossible to discover your purpose while at the workplace or settings you currently are in? I have met people from developed nations who feel like they need to visit a third world country to connect with their purpose.

Well, I am here to say that’s well crap. There is no way we all need to be out of formal employment for us to figure out our purpose, who will work for these companies anyway. This coming from someone who has left their workplace should hopefully free you. I meet people who are very afraid of this conversation about your purpose because their minds associate it with a hard life, with joblessness, and they cannot begin to fathom why they would want such things. Many people associate purpose with the the people who are ‘nuts’ enough to leave their formal employment for an unknown world. For the rest of us who need jobs, who need earn a living, we are not interested in this conversation on purpose, it is a luxury we cannot afford. I am here to tell you, well that too is crap. Forgive the strong words I am using but allow me to use them as they are an indicator of how strongly I feel on this subject, perhaps due to the space in life I currently am in.

When this year started I had no idea what God had in stock for me. However, the one thing that burned in my heart was through a song I heard late last year “I will be what you call me to be, I say yes, Lord I agree. My desire, passionately, is to be what you call me. And that’s what I’ll be.” This song resonated with my spirit, it resonated with my heart, and so as the year begun this was the prayer of my heart, that I will be what you call me to be. I even did a blogpost on this, see -> I said yes. Little did I know at the time that this was what this year was largely going to be about.

As we enter the last leg of the year, I see how His plan all along was to get me to step into His calling for my life. It is exciting but I am learning several truths. Allow me to share these truths over the next few weeks. The first truth I am learning is living out whatever God has called you to do is not a luxury for a few people. It is the reason we cannot afford to ignore the conversation on purpose due to imaginary reasons such as having to leave your job. This is what this blog post was about ->An aborted vision

Yet I am also learning that the reason many of us, including me, have had a challenge with living out God’s calling for our lives is because we do not seen. I am learning the most important thing in living out the calling God has over your life, is seeing. And you do not need to be jobless to see. It is the reason this fallacy of joblessness annoys me.

Do I see?

This question I am learning is the most important question you will ever ask yourself in the quest for living out your calling. Do I see?

You see many times we have eyes but we do not see. We do not see the brokenness of the society we live in. We do not see how you and I cannot afford to live small lives that guarantee just our safety. We do not see how the world around us groans and yearns for the sons of God would be revealed, that they may be the solutions for these broken society .

Why don’t we see you my ask? Many reasons. Fear of God, not the good kind of fear of God, the reverence one, but fear that God will send us to the impossible things of this world. Fear that God will ask us to let go of the important things in our lives. We have allowed the devil to lie to us that we should fear God’s intentions over our lives. It is the same lie the devil used with Eve, God will keep away a good fruit from you coz He does not want you to be great, you cannot trust the intentions of this God. We have fallen for the same lie. We fear God calling us; we fear the things He will ask us to do. We forget He wants nothing but the best for us, that He will never send You to a place that is not best for you, that He is your Father and you can and should trust Him. This blogpost addresses this ->Trust without borders

The comfort of our lives is two. We have systems that work, why rock the boat, what would a meager me do anyway. We therefore choose to turn away, to not see because seeing is such a pain to the comfort that is our lives. I have kids that I take care of, that’s enough why would I want to see anything else? Comfort blinds our eyes to the world’s need for the Sons of God to be revealed. We then begin to convince ourselves that God’s calling for our lives is to live for self, to look after self, to watch out for self. We cannot even begin to relate with the Paul’s, Peter’s let alone the Moses’ and Abraham’s; why did they have to rock the boats of their lives?

Three and saddest is that sometimes we do not believe in this God. Oh we say we do, Oh we say we believe His word over our lives, but in our hearts of hearts we don’t; the bible is a fairy tale. It is a nice story but the real world, well something else. I have often had to search my heart over my faith. Do I truly believe in You or are you a clothing I wear that allows me to live double lives, Your way when it suits me and my way the rest of the time. This one only us can answer, by daily looking into the mirror and asking do I believe You are for real? Do I believe that You died on the cross for me and rose again? Do I believe you made a way for the Israelites at red sea? Do I believe you saved Daniel from the den of lions? Do I believe or is this foolishness to me? Because only if You truly believe in this God and His word, only then can you allow yourself to see and believe Him for solutions.

This guy did not see either

I find a man in the bible that did not see either. His name is one Moses. Dude has been brought up in the palace. He has it together. He does not know it is by grace, nothing else, that He is in this comfort. Otherwise he would be in the streets. You see the reason you and I must choose to see is because but for grace you would be on the other side.

Anyway, this Moses guy one day is on the streets and he sees. His eyes are open. He sees the misery of his people, how harassed they are, how lost and helpless they are. He finally can see.

I tell you this is never a good moment. You know in your spirit you can never be the same. For me and for many it was not a big bang moment but over time God opens your heart and eyes and then you begin to see, slowly. And after that you are spoiled for ordinary.

Like Moses, you cannot go back to the palace and do business as usual. Like Moses you get angry and as a result you want change. Moses even attempts to kill one of the guys to amend stuff. It aint what needed to be done but I get where he was. He was angry.

Do you see?

Are you angry about something? What do you see? You see the beauty of this God is He gives each of us unique eyes. We all see so differently. Moses eyes saw the harassment and need for freedom, yet others could have passed it daily.

My prayer is I see more. My prayer is you see more. Only God can open our eyes. All He asks is for surrendered hearts, hearts sold out for Him. Hearts that like Samuel are saying, send me Lord and I will go.

And this may be in your current workplace. Ask God to give you eyes to see where you are. I watched this video ‘Lead where you are” and it amazed me, the guy is ministering in his workplace.

Often God will use you just where you are. But if He calls you to step out, if He asks, not anyone else He asks you to move, He will keep you. Work out your faith, ask Him to help you see. I love what Jesus tells Peter, you see because the Holy Spirit allowed you to see. Holy Spirit, would you please open our eyes that we may see. Only say this prayer if you are ready to see. Holy Spirit, open my eyes that I may see.



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