I ain’t man enough for this one

So last week I started sharing some of the things God has been teaching me as I have lived out His calling over my life – purpose related things. I started with a lesson on why I don’t think we need to necessarily quit our jobs inorder to live out our purpose, see this blog ->Don’t quit your job. This week God has placed more stuff in my heart. This one has been a tough lesson to learn, especially because I am a doer, I want to run with things to the end; I want to get into activity with zeal. Then God tells me to take a chill pill, to learn to let Him be the one who births and sustains whatever He calls me to. A friend of mine once said, whatever is born in prayer can only be sustained in prayer. How true that is.

So the guy I am learning all these from is one Moses. God has opened his eyes, he can see the injustices around him, and he cannot stomach how his people are being treated. He is angry. And in typical style of many whose eyes are open, he wants to remedy this immediately. I get this guy. If you have my kind of personality you get him too. You can now see, you want to run with the solution to the end, you are empowered afterall, surely you can resolve this. And so like Moses we strike while the iron is hot. Like Moses we start initiatives as fast as possible, we do not want that child to go hungry one more day, we do not want one more life to be wasted.

However, this is the thing, seeing is just the beginning. Seeing is not enough in the engaging phase of life, you need the muscle to engage. And that muscle is only born in prayer. It is born in faith. It is born in walking in submission to the Lord’s leading. It is born in being faithful with little. Sadly there are no shortcuts to getting this muscle, just like the gym one that we love to admire but hate to work on, this muscle takes time to grow, this muscle takes consistency in the workout land, and this muscle takes work. I am yet to meet a guy who builds a muscle overnight. I am learning, neither is the purpose muscle build over night, it takes the same things – it takes time, it takes consistency, it takes a willingness to pay the price.

A shepherd first

So Moses must be a shepherd first. He must serve his father-in-law, look after his sheep. Him killing the first Egyptian he sees will not work. Does he even have the power to kill all the Egyptians with this approach he has adopted? He must go through some years in the desert, to a place where he probably forgets about the things that angered him, to a preparation land. A land where Moses learns to depend on ONLY God, He knows no plans made by himself including killing Egyptians will ever bear fruit. He is at a soldier’s point, send me and I will go, he is a man who knows only God can save the Israelites, he is a refined man.

I hate mock exams; I would rather just skip this and go to the final exams. I hate internships; I would rather skip this and be employed. I hate dating; I would rather skip this and find myself married. I hate the process of editing books; I would rather find this already published.

Yet God is teaching me He is a God of process, He is a God of order. He will not entrust the Israelites to me until I have gone through the process, until He has molded me into a person that trusts Him. And often, He does that in service, in the wilderness. As I have served in ministry over the years, as I have worked with different people over the years, God has been preparing me for a season when He brings His purpose for my life to the fore. I have made networks. I have learnt about myself, who I am, what is important to me, what makes me tick. I have grown under the feet of very many people. I am still growing.

No shortcuts

My dear, there is no shortcut. There is a time of sowing. So has the Lord opened your eyes? Do you see like you know the things that anger you? Guess what, so does He. However, He needs to mould you into the King David, and that starts in the years in the wilderness on the run from Saul. He needs to mould you into Moses, and that starts in the years serving his father-in-law. He needs to make you a Peter, the man he entrusts building the church on, but that starts in his discipleship days under Christ. Process!

I am learning to be faithful in the little God places in my hands, to grumble less and go through the process. I am learning this process is best sharpened as I serve others. I am learning to sharpen my writing skills through blogging, perhaps a book will come one day. I am learning to disciple others through ministry; perhaps I will disciple many others one day. I am learning to sow, to plant a seed, to be faithful in the spaces God places me. And each time I do that, He grows my character, He draws me closer to Himself, and that is the utmost purpose of my life.

Are you searching for your purpose? Are you wondering what God has called you to? Are you wondering where to start in solving that problem that you clearly see? Start small, start where you are. Be faithful with the little you have, this principle God operates on, when you are faithful with little, He entrusts you with more. Visit the parable of talents and you will see this principle at work.

So be it at work, serve; in your church, serve; in that foreign land, serve; in your family, serve. Then ask God to lead you to the next steps. One day you will have a burning bush moment where He will give you such clear instructions on how to deliver the Israelites, because the battle, the hows and when, they  all belong to the Lord.



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