Refuse to get stuck

So last week I shared about how the path to the calling God has over your life has not been easy. I shared how some days I have woken up and had to encourage myself in the Lord. See this blogpost ->When you have to be resilient. As a result of this blog, I got several messages from people indicating that they were praying for me as I walk into what God has called me to. I salute every single person that has whispered a prayer to the Lord.

The one thing I have learnt is this walk into God’s calling for your life is never a ‘one man has all the answers walk’. It is a walk that is very similar to Moses’; you will need Aaron’s to stand with you, to talk on your behalf. The Aaron’s for me have been very surprising people. I think sometimes we put God in a box and imagine we know the people He will use to come through for us. For me, this box has been burst; time and time again He has truly surprised me. He has reminded me in very uncertain terms, that all He requires is for me to be yielded to Him; He then walks with me to unexpected places.

So anywho, the word God has placed in my heart this week is ‘be strong and do the work’. This word might sound nice and rosy but take a few steps with me. Imagine with me that you are lost, in the darkness, groping for a place to hold onto, so as to figure out the way forward. Then the friend who you think has your back just tells you to be strong and keep walking. Ha! You are not going to feel sorry for me, pamper me and tell me the way it shall be well, the way I can do this, give me a pep talk. Instead you will tell me to be strong and do the work! Really!

That’s exactly the thoughts I have had as God has told me to be strong and do the work. As if He needed to illustrate this more, He send a moment at some strange place to enforce this point.

A show moment

Yester I was at the Nairobi Int’l Agricultural Show. I like the words we use for this show, international, not a local show, an inter-na-tion-al one! No joke. Anywho, our inter-na-tion-al show was awesome, I have not been to the show since I was young, I used to get excited by the prospect of wearing the swimming goggle look alikes. I know you were also excited to wear these things so no judging. Anyway, I derail from my story.

Just when we were about to leave this inter-na-tion-al show, it rained cats and dogs kinda rain. As is typical of the city, we all panicked and ran to drive out of the grounds at the same time. In typical style again, we were all stuck in traffic, really stuck! Then to make things worse, we were driving in some grounds that had cotton soil and so became soggy. Driving the car became a rhino charge event of some sort.

I was with a lady friend of mine, this was therefore a ladies affair, I was the designated driver. So I sat there and for a good few minutes I panicked. I ran through my mind the worst case scenario of my car getting stuck in this mud at this very strange place at this very dark hour. For a few minutes I was paralyzed; that the behind tyres of my car were not moving did not help, that there were 2 even bigger cars ahead of me that were also stuck did not help either. The thoughts that came to my mind were ‘I wish I was married’, like the husband would have taken a chopper to where I was and rescued me. The Alehandro’s that I have watched in my lifetime are to be blamed for such thoughts.

As I sat there, tempted to panic and be paralyzed, this very word in different ways came through, “be stong and do the work”! I realized I had 2 options, panic and get stuck in the mud, yet realise that it will still continue getting later into the night and darker. Or I could belt up, be strong (or at least fake it till I make it) and do the work.

A Heroic Moment

So being the determined lady that I am, I chose the last option. I belted up, gave my car a pep talk, made several loud prayers to the Ultimate Hero of my life, and started driving. We skid several times, we stopped several times alarmed, the drivers behind us were ruthless enough not to allow us to drive ahead of them, but the good news is we arrived to the tarmacked road!

We were safe! I was a good driver deserving of a pat in the back. I had done the work and the Hero of my life had come through as He always does. We were no longer stuck! I could jump and down. We were going to be on the road for another 2 hours for a drive that takes 20 minutes but knowing the place we had come from, we attempted to complain less. We knew it could be a lot worse.

Then I realized sometimes the best thing a Friend can tell you is be strong and do the work! It may sound unloving but sometimes it is what you need to hear.

So be strong and do the work! Yes you! Do you feel afraid? So do I! But be strong and do the work! Do you feel like you should give up? Well so do I sometimes, but be strong and do the work! Do you feel like you cannot figure out what God wants you to do, well so do I. But be strong and do the work.

So that’s what I am doing. I refuse to be stuck. I refuse to let fear paralyze me. I refuse to look at my circumstances not when I serve the Ultimate Hero. I refuse to be afraid, okay that’s not true, but I refuse to let fear stop me from pursuing God’s calling for my life. I have prayed over this for YEARS! I have asked God for YEARS what He wants me to be. He answered! He made a way. I refuse to get stuck now.

You see many times we allow our present temporary circumstances drive us. We allow the fact that car ahead of you is stuck to hold you back. We allow the endless possibilities of getting stuck in this rhino charge hold us back. We forget who we have on our side, that He is able to do EXCEEDINGLY ABUNDANTLY more than you can ask for. We forget His promises for us, that heaven and earth will disappear but His word will NEVER disappear.

1 Chronicles 28:20: “Then David continued, “Be strong and courageous and do the work. Don’t be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord God, my God is with you. He will not fail you or forsake you. He will see to it that all the work related to the Temple of the Lord is finished correctly.


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