Dream big, start small, learn fast

Eureka, we took the first step! Over the last few weeks I have been sharing my journey into what God has called me to. I have talked about the fears I have had, the drama with money, the walk of obedience that has not always been easy, and the lessons I have learned as I have done this. The lessons have been so many, I feel I still have many other blogposts I need to do on this. But today I want to celebrate the first steps. After all the planning, the heartaches, the prayers, the tears, did I say the prayers, and many more prayers, we finally made the first step into the Promised Land.

I have not yet shared what I God has called me to, allow me to share this.

Over the last few years, God has given me a heart for mentorship. Recently I was explaining to my sister what I am working on and she surprised me by telling me that I had told her of my plans to do this over 4 years ago. Another close friend reminded me of a class I facilitated and when asked what God’s purpose for my life was, I responded ‘I don’t know but I know it has something to do with mentorship’. That class was in 2011. It has been amazing to know this has been in my heart all this time. It is almost like I was in an incubator and I am finally beginning to see the light. That has been one of the things I have learned through this process; that everything in life has an incubation process, that no life experience of someone who’s submitted to Christ is ever wasted. Many times in the quest for the ‘big’ purpose we miss this point, that God is present even in the most mundane processes of life. All He asks for is a heart submitted to Him, the rest He does. It is not only Moses and David who went through an incubation process, we all do. But this is not the gist of this blogpost.

A journey of faith

So now that we have established that I have always been passionate about mentorship, what did this mean? That has been the million dollar question for the longest time. When this year started the song in my heart was, “I say yes, Lord I agree, my desire passionately is to be what You’ve called me to be”. I did not know what that would mean, check out this blogpost that I wrote then -> I said yes. God had a plan. Several events in the year took me to my knees asking God what His purpose for my life was. Then one day He spoke, the passion for mentorship would be a leadership development school for young adults. Eureka, just like that, I was clear on what God wanted me to do. As if that was not enough, to the last dot, He told me how I’d go about it. A girl has never been more excited. Lapid Leaders House was born, it would eventually become Lapid Leaders Africa but that’s a story for another day.

And the journey begun. Somehow when God made it clear what He wanted me to do, I thought it would be a walk in the park. What with Him being the midwife who bore this vision. Surely it would have to be a walk in the park. Far from it, it has been hard, some days painstakingly so. Yet if there ever was a thing called favor, we have seen it in Lapid Leaders. A journey that could have taken us 10 years has been taking us a much shorter time. It is God’s vision, even in the midst of the painful labor pains, He has held it together. But that still is not the gist of this blog.

As we begun the journey of entrusting God to make leaders out of a generation that is said to make up 60% of Africa’s population, we knew we would need to start small. So we decided to conduct monthly workshops that will build up to the main program.

Eureka moment

Last month we had our first workshop, eureka! We watched God bring together such an amazing event. We watched God bring together partnerships that only He would have coined. This must be how that it feels when a mother gives birth to a baby. The pain is forgotten; infront of you is the most amazing human being that will ever exist before your eyes. Something changes.  The labor pains were worth it, who thinks such things after such an excruciatingly painful experience? A mother. That was the exact feeling I had, I was filled with joy at seeing the birth of this baby that I had labored for. I had seen the Lord for myself, He was an amazing midwife. He had presented to me the most beautiful gift. At that moment I knew I serve a living God. Yet this is still not the gist of this blog.

Drums roll. I have had many highlights that I wish I could share here. God willing I will. I have felt myself grow from one level to another. I have felt my beliefs form and mature in a way that can only happen as you go through labor.

But before I get derailed yet again, here is the gist of this blog. Dream big, start small, learn first.

This was one of the lessons we were imparted to the young guys who attended our very first workshop. Dream big, start small, learn first. I repeat, dream big, start small, learn first, I repeat, okay I won’t. I was taught best way to teach is through repetition so as you can see I have been applying all I am learning.

Dream big, start small, learn fast.

I have come to believe that one of the things that all humankind have in common is that we all have dreams. However, as life happens, we learn to throw them behind our heads, to ignore the voice that’s called dreams. We learn to conform, to live other’s people’s dreams. And that’s not always a bad thing if it is driven by a conscious decision. The one I have problem with is the one hidden in the conscience. The one that’s afraid to even dream, the one that has allowed life and circumstances to beat the dreamy eyes out of them. We stop dreaming.

I think this is even a bigger problem for us Africans. We know poverty, and so we know the cost of fallen dreams. It is easier to ride on another’s dreams. I live somewhere near Kibra, each time I drive at the edge of this slum, it is a reminder of where I can live if I am not careful. So like many other Kenyans I have learned to look away and do just what it takes to get by. Who cares about dreams anyway?

I do. I have lived out a dream and so I am spoiled for ordinary. Even when it gets crazy difficult, I will live out these dreams.

Start small

If you can look away from your fears, if you can allow yourself to take steps that are not driven by fear, then start small. That means different things for different people. It may mean enter into partnership with others who are in the field your dream is in. It may mean you start where I started, serving others and in the process figure out where your space is. It may mean in your place of employment, you ask how you can begin to live out your dream in that space. Start small.

When I started Lapid, every single bone in me was excited. Then the work started and fear knocked several times. Many times I wondered if I was mad to even attempt to pursue this thing God had placed in my heart, I still wonder even to date. I cried to God each time I was afraid. And in the fatherly way only He can, He made a way, He held me. He told me, do not fear my daughter. Start small.

He reminded me that is what He meant when He said bring your 2 fish and 5 loaves. It is what He meant when He asked Moses what is in your hands. It is what He meant when He asked Israelites to step into Jordan River. Start small, start where you are, start where your faith can go. He then multiplies what you have. That for me has meant learn fast. He has taken me through crash programs of the things I need to learn, an accelerated process. He has connected me with people who I can walk with in this journey. He has reminded me He is not in the business of creating movie stars. I will share more about this next week.

But for now, that’s my encouragement to you. Dream big, dream very big, then start small, and learn fast. What is in your hands? And some days like the Israelites, even after the first victory of being let go by Pharaoh, you will then meet a Red Sea. You will think, waarr not again, did the Lord bring me out of Egypt to face this? You will doubt. You will fear. Don’t worry, I am in that space as well. I promise to share how I get through the Red Sea, for now I share the lesson I have received, Dream Big, Start Small, Learn Fast.


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