Invitation to candy crush world

Candy crush Level 149

I am sure you have received many invites to play this game called candy crush. Like many of you, I used to get irritated by these invites. “What do these people who send me these invites think, that I have nothing better to do with my time? That I am looking to fill my time with a ‘useless’ game? I will even block them from being my Facebook friends just to teach them a lesson!” I know you know how those thoughts go. Then one day I decided to peek into this game just to see what the fuss was about. Bad idea, and the rest is history.

Months later I am a self-confessed addict. I love the feeling of completing a game, I love the feeling of conquering yet another level. If you don’t believe me, then accept the next invite you receive from me and see if you do not follow my lead. I mean, why seat at the periphery judging self-proclaimed addicts like me? Join in, the more lost ones the better.

The ‘Level 149’ story

Anywho, about 3 months ago I stagnated as I hit an animal called level 149. This animal refused to die. Every angle I attacked him from, he fought back. He was going to be the end of my love affair with candy crush. Until I discovered that within candy crush, there was yet another game that I could use to conquer and ignore Mr Level-149. So like a good student, I diverted my attention to this new game.

There was only one problem, it was not as exciting as the previous game. Somehow it did not feel as great to finish a game now and especially because somewhere in my mind I knew I had a level 149 taunting me. So a few weeks ago I returned to level 149.

So I returned to the taunting level 149. I played the game and replayed it and replayed. No luck. It was still the impossible level 149. Until last night!!!

I conquered level 149. I did! No you need to know how exciting this was. This level has tantalized me for a few months. I had almost walked away, what is candy crush anyway! Then I beat this animal. You have no idea how moved onto level 150 and 151, just to prove I had finally scored!

The level 149s I am battling

Okay, the point of this post is not to brag about getting through level 149. Though did I mention I got past level 149? But as I thought about level 149, I realized this is a situation in my life. There are things I have prayer over, tried to move around, tried to conquer, but I still struggle with them. I have looked for back up plans, but in my heart of hearts I have known these stuff to be level 149.

You know the prayer for a husband that refuses to go away, or the prayer for a kid that is always at the back of your mind, or the prayer for a business that refuses to take off, or the prayer to rise up the corporate ladder or least get another job. Those prayers are not interesting. Like level 149, they tantalize us, they make fun of us and they are a reminder of what unanswered prayers looks like. If you are like me, they have taken you through the battles with God. But if you are like me, you keep coming back to these level 149’s of your life. You wonder if there is something wrong with your strategy. You have prayed, you have sought help but level 149 it still is.

Well last night as I crossed over to level 150, I knew God had a word for me and many others who have been stuck in level 149. God will take you through, it might sound impossible, you may be at the end of yourself, but God is saying, ‘is there anything that is too hard for Me’. God is saying though it tallies, wait for it, for in time it will come to pass.

This year I have seen God answer prayers that I had forgotten about. I have seen God come through for friends and family in ways only He can. I have seen God remind many of us that there is no prayer to God that is ever wasted. I have seen God help people conquer their level 149. God is able! You may be tempted to limit God, you may even be tempted to kick off a backup plan. I know the feeling, but this one thing remains, if you hold on, if you tally, in time the vision will come to pass. Hang in there, because is there anything that is too hard for God.

What have you trusted God for? What have you placed in God’s Hands for 2015? Have you limited yourself and started playing an alternative game? Have you been disappointed enough to not care? Have you developed alternative theologies to replace your faith in this God? Well, I get you but I strongly feel God is still in the business of getting us through level 149

One more lesson

As I conquered level 149, as I hurriedly played level 150 and 151 just to savor the joy of the moment, I encountered level 156. It is equally hard. It feels like a level 149! Yep, as if getting past level 149 was not hard enough I still need to figure out level 156. Really, why do I still play this game?

Then God reminded me level 149 is never the goal, the goal is to enjoy this game.

You see many times we get stuck in the hurdle, in the place that seems impossible and we forget to enjoy the game. As I ran past level 150 to 155, I forgot to savor the moment. I forgot that the goal is not to finish the game, the goal is to enjoy each of the games. I have no doubt I will get past level 156. When I don’t know, I don’t care, I know this though, I intend to enjoy the rest of the journey.

I am learning that this life is a journey, some days are amazing, others are worse than level 149.

And even then, just when you have conquered level 149, just when what seems the hardest season passes, I am sure to encounter another hurdle ahead. It is called growth. It is called progress. The important thing is not to miss the moments in between.

So I am asking God to remind me how fortunate I am, I get to go on a journey with Him. When it gets tough, He asks me to take the back seat; when it is sweet and easy, I still have the pleasure of the most amazing company. You see His goal is simple, to grow me into more of Christ likeness. That’s the end game. The end game is not level 149 or even 156, the end game is to be more like Christ in everything I do. So yer, I will enjoy this journey.

See, even candy crush can have lessons. Now the next time I send you an invite, won’t you help a sister. Yes?



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