Month: August 2015

Silence is golden (part 2)

Last week I shared a post on why silence is golden. You can check it out here. This has been such a fundamental lesson that it demanded two posts. My first encounter with real silence was a few years ago. I was on a work secondment in United Kingdom. I was based in Leeds, it’s one of those cities that did not have as many Kenyans as London did. This and the fact that I quickly got into one of those very shady relationships became the basis of my 2 year secondment. (more…)


Silence is golden (part 1)

A couple of weeks ago, one of the Lapid Leaders interviewed Michael Oyier, a former KTN News Reported (you can watch the video here). After the interview, they had a conversation that led to Michael sharing some of tips on how to conduct a great media interview. One of the pointers he gave her has stayed with, he said ‘silence is golden’. (more…)

Don’t sweat the small stuff

They say that every person who jumps from formal employment to the world of entrepreneurship always faces a day or a month or even an hour when that decision is put to test, the ‘day of reckoning’. As I celebrate one year of God’s faithfulness, I am conscious that my day of reckoning came in November last year. I left employment with such a naïve mindset. This naïve mindset has served me well (you can read this blog for more on this). The first few months of this decision were such an easy ride. Up until November happened. (more…)

I miss my fat bank account

This week will mark a year since I took a leap of faith from a high-flying, formal job to the madness of the uncertain, informal world that I felt God was calling me to. I love unwinding experiences, it is how I learn and grow from one ‘glory to another’. I am therefore spending some time reflecting on the past one year and the things God has taken me through. I am hoping I can share a few of the things that I have seen, the lessons I have picked in that one year. Buckle up and enjoy the ride. One of the hardest lessons has been around finances, I will give you some background information. (more…)