Silence is golden (part 2)

Last week I shared a post on why silence is golden. You can check it out here. This has been such a fundamental lesson that it demanded two posts. My first encounter with real silence was a few years ago. I was on a work secondment in United Kingdom. I was based in Leeds, it’s one of those cities that did not have as many Kenyans as London did. This and the fact that I quickly got into one of those very shady relationships became the basis of my 2 year secondment.

When I look back at the 2 year secondment period, it was one of the most silent period I have ever been through. I was in this strange land, far away from friends, family and even my church community; and as if that was not enough, I was in a dysfunctional relationship. Yet in between this very loud silence, I discovered God in ways that were only possible in this loud silence. The silence was loud, to be honest I did not appreciate it then, but in that silence, I was desperately sought after God.

I still remember the carpet to my house. If it could speak it would complain about the huge amount of tears that I wept at it. I would get home, read God’s word and then weep. I was so broken. That I was in a relationship that I did not fathom did not help. Yet those tears and moments on my knees, over 5 years later are some of the most precious times of my life. They formed who I am today. They were the real deal of ‘silence is golden’.

Leave it all behind and come to the well….

As I mentioned last week, we live in a truly noisy world. I think we live in the noisiest times ever. The world is full of knowledge and with knowledge comes opinions. So much so that we have gotten used to living off the noise.

When I think about the two years in UK, what comes to mind is always the call of Abraham. God told him to pack and leave everything he had and move to an unknown land. Listen to this, ‘The Lord had said to Abram, “Leave your native country, your relatives, and your father’s family, and go to the land that I will show you. I will make you into a great nation. I will bless you and make you famous, and you will be a blessing to others.

There is a work God was going to do through Abraham that was not possible in the midst of the noise of his country and people. Infact, when he tries to walk with Lot (his beloved cousin) through this journey, this backfires on him. He needed to be in a silent journey. It would be lonely sometimes, he would need a tough carpet like mine, but in that silence, God would mold him into his destiny.

There is a work that God wants to do in us that’s only possible in silence. Leave it all behind, and come to the well!

No shortcuts…..

When I started working on Lapid Leaders late last year, I went through yet another season of deafening silence. My life group (bible study group) stopped meeting regularly, I found myself alienated from the community of family, friends and church that would have been a support group, I moved houses to a more inaccessible place, and it felt like a rewrite of 2009 once again. But in the process God molded me, God molded the vision, God spoke in ways I could hear.

I don’t know if it’s that I am too noisy but I have found when God needs my attention, He finds it in silence. I wish the setting apart would still be in the form 2 year trip to UK but hey, you take what you get. God desires to commune with us individually.

When I hear of the messes we have about churches and pastors, I cannot help but realise that we have gotten ourselves in this mess. We have become dependent on pastors and churches, we are always looking for a ‘word’ from the pastors and prophets and we hardly ever seek God for ourselves. I have no problem with churches and pastors, we need them, but we have become lazy Christians. Let someone else do the hard work for you and then we listen and follow where they lead. But as we go through these, we must never forget the True Source is God. We must yearn for our own personal encounter with God.

Across the bible, I see God speaking to His people directly. He told Abraham to leave the country, He speaks to him, and this is the first of many such encounters. In silence He will hear Him. I see Jesus taking time away from the disciples and be with God and He comes back refreshed and stronger. He does not delegate this relationship with God to anyone else.

Kill Teacher Dependency

We must kill teacher dependency in this our nation. We must challenge ourselves to seek after God, to hear from Him. Yes learn under others but don’t develop a dependency on any teacher.

God is the Ultimate Teacher. Unfortunately, His ways are not the magical immediate answers solutions. However, with time, we learn to know His voice. We learn to hear from Him. And when this happens, it is truly the most magical moment. To know that the King of Kings spoke to me directly, to know the King of Kings seats at the thrones your heart. To know without a doubt, though He tallies, He will come through. To witness Him. That’s the personal relationship with God. Seek Him, you will find Him, and He will show you great and marvelous things you know not of.

When I came back to Kenya after a 2 year stint in UK, I remember going to church and thinking I need to look for another church. This church just was not feeding me, we seemed to always be talking about the same thing and I just did not feel fed. So I decided to look for another church. However, somewhere along the way I remember hearing God saying so clearly, seek me and you will find me. You see I had this notion in my head that growing my relationship with God was found in church. Little did I know, it was found in the quiet moments in a retreat somewhere, or some quiet moments in my house when even the TV is even dead



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