Month: October 2015

How to develop a teachable spirit

A few days ago I wrote a blog on how our egos are the greatest enemy to greatness. I explained how a teachable spirit can catapult you to greatness. However, someone asked me how they can develop a teachable spirit. Does having a teachable spirit come naturally? I think it does to some, but to many who are like me, it does not. We naturally treasure our egos and our perspectives too much to have a teachable spirit. But is there a way we can develop a teachable spirit? I think so. (more…)


The No 1 Thing That Will Hold You Back As A Leader

A couple of months ago, I received the financial report of my former employer. As I went through it, I was in awe of the progress they have made in the one year since I left them. However, somewhere at the back of my mind, I was disappointed at this progress. Somehow I had thought that after I exited, this organisation would collapse and sink into losses. Okay I’ve exaggerated but you get the point. I had done a good job at this my former employer, and so when I left, a very silent part of me had waited for the day I would be able to say, ‘yee I left and the organisation even noticed’! Vanity, I know! But I know we all have such silent thoughts, we are just bright enough to keep them at the very back of our heads. (more…)

Why failure is part of success!

Facebook has become very kind, nowadays they are sending reminders for the anniversaries of any big event. This past Sunday, I got a reminder for one of the Facebook posts I made on the first Lapid Leaders Seminar. It’s now officially a year since we held our first seminar, and has God been faithful or what! But what this post brought to my mind are the many untold stories of how it has not been a rosy journey. It reminded me of the drama leading up to this event. (more…)