Month: November 2015

The key pillars of our fundraising strategy

Last week I posted here on  the fundraising lessons I picked from David as he constructed the temple of the Lord, as recorded in 1 Chronicles 29. I am still stuck at this book, God is still using it to speak to me about various aspects of fundraising! God’s word alive and kicking, centuries later! (more…)


How to raise funds for your vision

I get asked by many people where the finances to support Lapid Leaders Africa (LLA) come from. Infact a few months ago, a friend asked me if we had managed to raise funds from donors. I remember thinking, how I wish we had. Lapid Leaders has been built on sacrifices (I have written more on this in this blog here). We are in the process of developing the 2016-7 strategy of LLA and so I am thinking about financial sustainability a lot more. Where does any vision bearer get the finances to run the vision God gives them?  After all without finances, the vision stays on paper. Turns out we are not the frst vision-bearers, and we can learn a lot from vision-bearers who have gone before us. (more…)