Month: January 2016

Do not let fear hold you back!

Over the last 26 days of 2016, I have been trying to catch up with my bible reading plan for 2015. Yes 2015, I only managed to get through 30% of it, so how I am hoping to catch up in 2016 and still get through the 2016 plan is still a mystery. Anywho, over the last few weeks I have been reading the book of 2 Chronicles, I am likely to finalise this 2015 bible reading plan using this book. Today I was reading the story of King Hezekiah; after so many kings who failed to live up to God’s calling over their lives, Hezekiah is refreshingly different. (more…)


Being normal is overrated

Every so often I have this horror of a dream; I am back to Primary School, everyone has joined girls and boys scout except yours faithfully! I am therefore standing at the parade all alone, a laughing stock, looking weird and all. Unfortunately this is not just a dream, it was my reality when I was younger! (more…)

We don’t want ordinary

I had a pretty jam-packed 2015. God took us from one glory to another. My greatest lesson in the year was to be malleable, to allow God to stretch, to mold, to make me into what He wants me to be. I learned that being fixated on how God will do His thing holds many of us back. So I became malleable and in the process God did extraordinary things. I keep saying that 2015 is a year that I will sing to my children about, I finally understood why parents keep talking to their children about their past, because it is the past that makes the present possible.  (more…)