Foolishness at its best

Our world has made tremendous scientific progress. The more progress we have made, the more questions we seem to have, it is an insatiable unending quench; that we have answers for some of the questions seem to drive us all the more. (more…)


The faith challenge

Last week i found myself meditating a lot on faith. I had been praying for some stuff that seemed humongous and super important at the time and had sadly felt like I got an answer that was not what I had hoped for. It got me thinking about this thing called faith, that faith is not just for when things are going my way but more so when they are not. However, these thoughts did not stop me from being disappointed and feeling very disappointed? (more…)

Should Christians drink alcohol?

If there ever was a most talked about topic in the Christian circles this would be it. Some time back I knew how to respond in the conversation. The proper things to say without ruffling anyone’s feathers and yet making sure the ‘younger’ ones in the faith are not confused on how to go. In one of those times, a close friend of mine told me how she has no problem with taking alcohol. I did not respond but later she explained that my face said it all. It went something like really – even you – really. Sadly I learnt I am poor at hiding my thoughts, the way I thought this was one of my many strengths! (more…)

A tete-a-tete with the insecure me

I am still fighting with myself over blogging this. Who blogs about how insecure they are? Its not a pretty subject, I would rather pretend I ain’t an insecure person but then again here i am! Last week I blogged about how your story reveals your purpose. So this is my story, an insecure Kenyan, hiding away from it does not make it any less of my story. So blogging here I come. (more…)