Weighed down

When you have to be resilient

Encourage yourself in the Lord. That’s the verse I woke up to yester. The last few days have been a mess, I feel like I have gone through the turbulent of life and back. So to wake up to such a verse I felt like such a cliché Christian. (more…)


Al Shabaab, Boka Horam and the likes

I am going through the book of Samuel and yester I read this amazing story of how Jonathan goes to war with Philistines just accompanied by his armor bearer. Yep, he was walking into a war just by himself, pretty shady move if you ask me. Let’s take a few steps back to see what leads a man to such ‘madness’. (more…)

A day with emoticons

I love these things called emoticons. They make life so easy. Somehow they always have the right picture that represents my emotions; sometimes I think they know how to express my emotions better than I do. The things even have a sign for clapping, hi five, soon there will be no need for words, emoticons will rule. Oh how I wish! (more…)

The devil wears prada

Did you ever watch the movie ‘the devil wears Prada’? I loved it! I watched it a very many times and I suspect even now I would still watch it yet again. It was such a nice chic flick movies, yer I am a gal like that, any chic flick will be a movie after my own heart! As I read the book of Nehemiah today, I thought about that movie.  I tell you this movie was not too off, the devil does actually wear Prada; he can look hot! (more…)