I know you love him…..but let him go

I met this really hot guy. He is everything I ever prayed for. He speaks to my heart in ways I did not think possible. He seems to know the things I like, naturally. And when he speaks, well, I stand no chance. He is a dream come true, an answer to a prayer I have made for so many years. I had given up on meeting him; I had decided he would be a prayer request for many years to come. So meeting him was a pleasant surprise. To find that we connect at such emotional levels was a bonus. How lucky can a girl get? Excitement is an understatement to what I felt as I interacted with him. (more…)


Send me and I will go

One of things people hardly ever share about this journey to what God calls them into is the impact of this journey on finances. I don’t blame them. In most cases when you reach the Promised Land, you forget where you came from and the hurdles you faced. The excitement of the moment makes it all worth it. So I have committed to write these things as I go along lest I forget. And yes, money is a big challenge; money is a big reason why many people do no step into God’s calling over their lives. And it is actually one of the more valid reasons to keep away from pursuing the call God has over your life. A person has to eat, purpose or no purpose; a purpose has to pay rent, purpose or no purpose; a person has to dress, purpose or no purpose; and all these need money! (more…)

When Jesus say yes nobody can say no

So this song ‘when Jesus say yes nobody can say no’ has been top on gospel music charts for a while now. The YouTube upload has been equally popular! We clearly love the beats behind this song but the lyrics do not hurt either, they are encouraging and often what we need to hear. Yet someone needs to tell Michelle Williams and Co that they need to do another rendition; one for when Jesus says no, what to do. Okay I clearly am not a songwriter as those lyrics do not rhyme but still, there is a conversation there that needs to be had. (more…)

This faith is strange…

Do you ever think that this faith we profess is the strangest? I sometimes do. How else do you explain such an unfailing love as the one we get from the King of Kings? Howe then do you explain how Holy the Lord is and yet chooses to love us. How do you explain that He chases after us despite and inspite of who we are? Strange is probably the word, yet in that strangeness is the best gift ever to mankind, a salvation by grace through faith alone; not earned, not deserved but freely given. (more…)

Confessions of a heart

Have you ever battled with God over anything? Well I have. I have battled with God for the longest time over that I am not yet married. It has been what I would call an unpleasant battle. Funniest part is that everytime the battle was ending I was sure God heard me and like manna from heaven, my miracle was in the making. But time and time again this miracle has not come through. Each time I have thought this is the stuff we Christians don’t talk about; the unanswered prayer; the disappointment that follows; the questions. This blog post was written during one such time ‘The why question‘. I had a lot of questions that were followed by sulking; this blog post was on that period ‘my sulking week’. Note that these are just one of the many times I have battled with God over this being single stuff. A friend of mine the other day summarized it for me, that there must a sell by date for all things in life including getting married. However, this sell by date seems to have passed for some of us but for some reason God is not panicked! Haaa, how is that! (more…)