The dream team

Last Sunday I attended 2 services in 2 different churches, I either am an addict of churches or am a church hopper. I am still chewing on that, I would like to believe I am neither of the 2 but hey, attending 2 services in a day is not normal, right? Interestingly, both these services left me with a similar message, a build up to last week’s blogpost (you can read last week’s post here). (more…)


Not by might….

When this year started, I came across this blogpost that I really resonated with. It talks about the moments around Peter denying Jesus. I was and still am struck by how Peter was determined to be the disciple who stands for and with Jesus. He sounds to me like a man with resilience, determination but above all else a genuine love for God. This conversation therefore comes naturally for him:  Peter replied, “Even if all fall away on account of you, I never will.” (more…)