island of hope

I know you love him…..but let him go

I met this really hot guy. He is everything I ever prayed for. He speaks to my heart in ways I did not think possible. He seems to know the things I like, naturally. And when he speaks, well, I stand no chance. He is a dream come true, an answer to a prayer I have made for so many years. I had given up on meeting him; I had decided he would be a prayer request for many years to come. So meeting him was a pleasant surprise. To find that we connect at such emotional levels was a bonus. How lucky can a girl get? Excitement is an understatement to what I felt as I interacted with him. (more…)


I have taken up machetes

This month I am reading the book of Nehemiah. It is such a timely book as we meditate over the Westgate attacks. One of the things God has been convicting about has been over the porous walls of our nation and the porous walls of my personal life, this blog post talks more about this>>before we accept and move on (more…)

Forever chasing after you

I like listening to marriage stories. I like to listen to what has worked for some, what hasn’t worked, I find it fascinating! I am currently even reading a book for married women, and no I aint married, but hey that’s what faith is, right? What does that verse say again, “faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” (more…)

I love Jesus but hate the church

I love Jesus but hate the church. I have been hearing this statement being used far too often of late. And if I had written this blogpost a couple of months back I would have a condescending voice, I would ask questions like why, questions like how; not the nice kind of why and how questions, but the condescending ones.