nothing like home

I have taken up machetes

This month I am reading the book of Nehemiah. It is such a timely book as we meditate over the Westgate attacks. One of the things God has been convicting about has been over the porous walls of our nation and the porous walls of my personal life, this blog post talks more about this>>before we accept and move on (more…)


Then I fell in love…

Last week was such a beautiful week, I am so happy to write that. After a couple of strangely difficult weeks I decided that perhaps I was just a tired lot who needed a break to smell the roses and all those nice things then perhaps I would emerge a happier more in-touch lady.


America is no longer the greatest country

We have been urged to get back to normal biz as we await the results of the elections, so normal biz it is. That includes my blogging I guess. I do hope we are not still stuck in front of TV or perhaps social media waiting for the results. We did our part, God is in control so chill pill it is.

One of my favourite things to do is watching series’ (especially those series’ that just cause me to be up all night glued to my TV). (more…)