Occupy till I come

Frustrated, that was the word in my spirit when I woke up a few days ago. Then I thought I should belt out a scream that may help me feel less frustrated. So I screamed in the most dignified way I know how to, after all I still have a reputation with my neighbors that I need to guard. Unfortunately I still felt frustrated. Perhaps hitting the wall would help? Maybe, but my pretty little fingers would not allow me to hurt them. So I did what I should have from the moment I woke up, I raised my head to the heavens and asked for help. (more…)

Fear of being misused

It has been a while since I visited the world of blogging, I have missed this world of blogging, I must visit it more often. Anywho, this year seems to be running, how else can you explain that we are about to see the first quarter of the year come to an end! Seeing that I cannot stop time from racing past me, I have decided to take stock of the things I feel this year is about. (more…)

Invitation to candy crush world

Candy crush Level 149

I am sure you have received many invites to play this game called candy crush. Like many of you, I used to get irritated by these invites. “What do these people who send me these invites think, that I have nothing better to do with my time? That I am looking to fill my time with a ‘useless’ game? I will even block them from being my Facebook friends just to teach them a lesson!” I know you know how those thoughts go. Then one day I decided to peek into this game just to see what the fuss was about. Bad idea, and the rest is history. (more…)

Collapsed buildings and all

A comment that was made by one of the Lapid Leaders in a seminar we recently held has stuck with me. We were discussing the events that transpired as part of #OccupyPlayGround. He said that within a few weeks we will have forgotten this issue and a new issue will be trending. A few weeks earlier in a similar seminar, we had been discussing #MyDressMyChoice. Now #MyDressMyChoice was history and we had moved on to #OccupyPlayGround. Perhaps our ability to move on is a gift, maybe, perhaps, no? (more…)

The dream team

Last Sunday I attended 2 services in 2 different churches, I either am an addict of churches or am a church hopper. I am still chewing on that, I would like to believe I am neither of the 2 but hey, attending 2 services in a day is not normal, right? Interestingly, both these services left me with a similar message, a build up to last week’s blogpost (you can read last week’s post here). (more…)

A year of wisdom and tact

I love how a new year brings hope to many of us, it is almost like we have a clean slate and we can write a new story. As 2014 came to an end, I realized it was one of the hardest years I have gone through in the recent past. It had its amazing moments, but all in all it was a tough year. Yet I can confidently say ‘all that the enemy meant for evil, God has turned for good’. There were many land mines in 2014, many moments when the enemy threatened to destroy my soul, to destroy my destiny, to derail me from the plans God had in stock for me. But God stood in gap through it all. This song makes a lot of sense, ‘Mercy said no, I am not gonna let you go, when darkness threatened to steal my joy, my peace away, Mercy said no’ (more…)

Friendships that last through tough seasons

This morning I begrudgingly transitioned from the book of Esther to the book of Job. My one year bible plan says if you will read the book of Esther and love it, then you have to read the book of Job, we are in it for the good and the bad. So the book of Job it is. If I was honest, I would confess that the book of Job is easily my least favorite book in the bible. However, I have come to accept it as one of those necessary stuff, not for pleasantries but for the lessons God placed in it. So I asked God to open my heart and speak to me through this book. The journey has begun with some very real truths, a revelation of friendships that last through the thick times.